Saturday, September 13, 2008

Miss Vaughan

I have an abiding musical love that has lasted me for well over 20 years so far. And for it I am eternally gratefull to my old friend (and flatmate of a number of years) Lynda. She was a talented singer herself and introduced me to the the sultry sounds of Miss Sarah Vaughan. Lynda would sing with her family's jazz band and one her signature tunes was this one, Black Coffee.

Sing it Mizz Sarah, love is a hand-me-down blue. I'm hanging out on Monday my Sunday dreams to dry. Mmmmmhm, girl.

I've found a number of clips of Miss Vaughan (always Miss Vaughan, the respect is earned) on youtube, including this rare live performance of "Misty" from Berlin, 1969.

I've never smoked, but Miss Vaughan makes me want to light up a Gaulois, sip an espresso, maybe sit on that little balcony overlooking the street, wait and watch and and think about that bastard man of mine.

(You know, if I had a bastard of a one that is.)


Kyle Kunnecke said...

thank you for that post - love me some Miss Vaughan...

you should also check out alberta hunter - she's another one that will rock your boat! :)

The Other Andrew said...

I will Kyle, thanks for the tip!

thombeau said...

I love the Divine Sarah, she's my absolute favorite. I was fortunate enough to see her in concert---from the front row!---and the experience was sublime and will never be forgotten. When the show was over, she waved at me and winked!

Favorite albums: "Sarah Vaughan" on the old EmArCy label, and "Crazy and Mixed Up", which I believe is on Pablo. The first disc displays her beautiful younger voice, the other highlights the deepened, richer tones of her later years. Highly recommended!