Friday, September 05, 2008

5 Things About Friday, 5th September: Breakfast Cake Edition

  • When I woke up this morning I still felt full from the big slap up birthday dinner last night at Sumalee Thai at The Bank Hotel. So yum! So much food!
  • A number of the staff were away from work yesterday, so my work did a birthday cake for me today instead of yesterday. Which was very nice, but at 8.30am!? Cake for breakfast everyone! It was excellent homemade carrot cake, so despite the fullness I choked down a piece.
  • Or two.
  • OMG, I sit next to a floor to ceiling window in my office and it's like a waterfall at the moment. It is pouring down rain. Spring, wo bist du?
  • On the upside I brought my umbrella, on the downside maybe canvas shoes were a poor choice?


M-H said...

Oops! Day late, dollar short... Happy belated to you.

Cecilia said...

Are you saying there is something wrong with cake for breakfast??? :)

Emerald Arts said...

Don't be ridiculous, sailer boys love a bit of canvas. Preferably below decks :P

Happy Birthday!