Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet Jebus, WANT.

If only I had the looks/height/money. But I'm not so hot for the manbags, kthxbai.

And can I just say, it's nice to have a break from the sallow, hollow cheeked 18 year olds. These guys are yummers.

[Spring 09 by Bottega Veneta, via]


NannaPeter said...

Oh yes please!!! Going out asap to go get me some trousers with cuffs below the shoe. I so *love* that look!!

Thanks, matey for the excellent eye candy.

Ur-spo said...

behold the handbags of heironymous bosch.

Michael said...

I know it's the spring line, but that first one looks PERFECT for our upcoming Fall/Winter.

((And ::gulp:: I really like the bag/tote/satchel trend, though I haven't partaken just yet.))

The Other Andrew said...

I love the slim jacket, with the false under jacket detail. They did it a lot in the collection, although it's a little hard to see in the pics. Like he's wearing 2 layered jackets. Plus the skinny jacket with the full pants. Delish.

(If you're tall and lean. Like you for instance!) said...

I don't know... that orange bag is really calling my name... I have a thing for bags.

the fox said...

Andrew, I'm surprised at you, you can knit, beautifully in fact, so I suspect you can sew, or certainly easily take it up. And help is on hand to copy fabulous patters in the shape of "Metric Pattern Cutting for Men's Wear" by Winifred Aldrich. This is a great book aiding the creative process from idea to pattern.

Oh, I like the bag idea, always have and used to wear them at the slightest provocation. The black bag in your fist picture I especially like, nice and chunky, to match the hunk!
Thanks for sharing the pix.

The Other Andrew said...

Fox, I have some photocopies from that book you mentioned and it's actually on my wishlist to buy at The Book Depository. (Income willing.) It's a great resource. Yes I can sew, although my machine needs repair currently!