Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It Pays To Ask

Last time I was talking to a real live human person at my bank, we had a short chat about the fact that I was paying a bucketload of bank fees every month. I mean, I'm putting someone's kids through private shool with my bank fees. A top tier one. To their credit my friendly bank representative volunteered the fact that there were much better account products that they had than the old fashioned account I have had forever and aye.

So, with a five minute telephone call I've switched to an account that aside from a $3 fee per month (eh, whatevs), means I will only have to pay a transaction fee if I withdraw money over the counter at a branch. Given that I never do that, score! I am a committed internet/eftpos/telephone banking user (it's the way of the future!) and was a paying a heap in excess ATM fees on top of a $7.50 a month account fee. Crazy!

And I added a fee free debit Mastercard (see: OMG, internet yarn shopping!). And a second fee free account just for savings (for if there is anything left over after the internet yarn shopping).

It really pays to ask.


M-H said...

I agree. We recently refinanced (with the changes of title and reno) and got accounts with no fees and even a savings account each. Which we hope we'll use.

Pop on over to my blog. There's something there I think you'll like. :)

Ur-spo said...

and it really pays to know some real person at your bank and vice versa. that way you have a liason and credit checker if things go badly.
I wish more people had such as relationship.

Tyson said...

Dare I say... which bank?

When I moved to ANZ to get a visa debit card I was forced to open several accounts, all with fees. Next time I went into the bank, they said that it should just be one one, one fee. Done.

The Other Andrew said...

M-H, that's a classic! Gotta love that Franklin.

Tyson, Westpac. (BTW, where've you been babycakes?! Last I checked your blog there were tumbleweeds... runs off to check your blog... ok, I understand! Big kiss.)