Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Local Colour

My already colourful in spirit neighbourhood is currently a little bit more physically colourful courtesy of the 2042: Art On The Street project. (2042 is not sometime 34 years hence, but our postcode.)

It's a bit risky to put public art in a neighbourhood so full of people, pubs, and those delightful taggers that insist of defacing everything. But mostly, so far so good. Some pieces have taken a bit of damage, but not too much.

One of my favourite pieces is one of the most simple, these oversized acrylic birds that have been hung in a tree outside the town hall community centre. Every weekend there is a market that started spontaneously a little while back, and as I was wandering around it last weekend I spotted these turning gently overhead.

Cute. Not a life changing work of art, something full of multi-layered meaning (I mean it's no ceramic Jr Jackson & Bubbles), but I liked it anyway and it certainly made me smile.


thombeau said...

I love these!

The Other Andrew said...

Sweet aren't they! I wish they could be there all the time.

james said...

What I noticed was the buds on the trees. Here in the Surry, the trees already have a lot of leaves. Interesting there can be that much variation in such a small geographic area.