Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pink & Blue

Oh joyous day! OMG you guys, it's hot. Today has been the most glorious day. Bright, sunny, hot. It's only Spring so this blast of early Summer can't last too long, but I'm loving while it's here. I wandered out to cast my vote in the local election, strolled along King St, went to knitting at the cafe for a couple of hours, and on the way home shot these pics below.


Azaleas! It's most definitely Spring, everything seems to be bursting into flower.


I love the shapes of the kooky equipment in this little children's playground near my house. In my head I've always called these things the BlueFOs, because that's how I roll my friends.

Shortly it'll be time to get gussied up and meet Pete (a friend, who I sort of dated for a short while about a year or so ago) for a drink and some dinner. Nice! Maybe we can find somewhere that has tables outside, because this weather needs to be reveled in!

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