Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Right from the first moments of waking this morning, I knew it was going to be a hot and lovely day. It just had that taste in the air. The breeze coming through my bedroom window was unseasonably warm, and full of that summery, pollen-y, it's already hot at 7am sort of feeling. I spent a very lazy morning futzing about, eating hot buttered toast with a cup of tea (I'm out of coffee, but it was fine because I enjoyed the tea for a change), cruised the interweb for a while and then set out just a few streets over to visit my friend Christopher for an early lunch.

Christopher's Wisteria

Christopher is a good host, an excellent conversationalist, and a man who's not afraid to open a lightly chilled bottle of Pinot Noir at 11.30am on a hot day. We sat out in his small backyard under the shade of this beautiful Wisteria, ate risotto and then worked our way through a second bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Christopher's Wisteria

Well, hot days are thirsty work. I shot these pics before my second (third?) glass of wine and before we scarfed down coffees and some delicious chocolates. Num. Lunch was early because I had my usual date at the pub for knitting, and although there was a mix up with the table booking this week we had a good turn out and it was a fun afternoon. By 4 I could feel myself starting to sunburn, and so it was time to head home.

Sydney weather is famously changeable at this time of year, so I could be moaning about cold and wet this time next week, but in the meantime it really feels like Spring didn't happen and we've started Summer early. No complaints from me.

(Not until next week anyway...)


K-A said...

Pinot Noir and Wisteria... fabulous together! The picture are wonderful.

Oh, and I take it from your comment on my blog you don't like Facebook. Why?

Calvin said...

The way I look at it is that it's always 5:00 somewhere in the world.

jason said...

Sounds beautiful...maybe the one time in which the weather there and the weather here are about the same.

The Other Andrew said...

K-A, it was a good combination! (I have serious issues with the way Facebook handles privacy and the information it gathers from users. The selling of info to advertisers and other stuff they have gotten into trouble for in recent times, plus the fact that your info remains their property - even if you delete your profile. Plus they are heavy handed about deleting profiles - such as a woman who's real first name was "Elmo", and they deleted her profile because they considered it a made up name, without consulting her. Basically they held all her own data to ransom until she finally convinced them it was her real name. Gah... don't get me started!)

Calvin, agreed! I'll drink to that.

Jason, Sprin and Autumn in Sydney are lovely, and very changeable. I don't mind that, the variety that is.