Monday, September 01, 2008

Spring Forward

I had such a good day today. It was one of those blink and you miss it kind of days that seem to just whizz by, I guess which isn't always a bad thing for a Monday. Not that I was super busy, or spent the day so distracted as to be not noticing it, but it did just seem to fly by.

I started it with a Spring morning walk to work (with a really good crisp green apple to munch on) and finished the day with another walk home in the mild afternoon sun. Even the fickle fates of Good Hair Days were smiling, because it was one of those days where having just started the regime you're all "No actually, you know what, that's IT. Rock on!".

The only thing that could have made it an even better day would to have been able to get away from the desk and be out and about in the Spring sunshine. Partly because Good Hair Days deserve to be shared with others.

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Ur-spo said...

I enjoy reading your blog for many reasons but one of them is seeing how our seasons differ so. Today I am feeling the first sensations of autumn in the air.