Sunday, September 07, 2008


I've been a bit more committed of late to working on my sister's lace scarf for Christmas. I'm probably just under one fifth of the way along so far, but much of that I has just been done recently. Christmas sounds like forever away, but I just know it'll end up being here in a few blinks time. I grew up being one of those kids that started the essay the night before it was due, and I do not want to get to December 24th and realise that this old dog hasn't learned any new tricks! Or at least amended his ways.


Reds seem really hard for my camera to capture, but I've fiddled with this a little to try and make it more true to the yarn colour. Just imagine it a bit darker and richer, deep garnet reds through to lighter red tones. Gorgeous.


Cecilia said...

That is gorgeous!

The Other Andrew said...


Randy said...

Absolutely beautiful scarf, do you have a link to the pattern?