Friday, September 26, 2008

Featuring Mizz Jocelyn Brown

Ladies and ladies, I bring you Mizz Jocelyn Brown. A woman who could be the hardest working singer in show bidness. Srsly, I had to reign it in at 6 clips because honey I could crash your server with all the clippery goodness. Search her name in youtube and then settle in for a couple of hours of entertainment.

A personal fave, I bought a cd single with various remixes of this back in 2002 and flogged the poor thing to death:

"I'm A Woman", Cassius feat. Jocelyn Brown, 2002.

Mizz Brown wants a Real Man, and don't you forget it:

"Real Man", Melodie MC feat. Jocelyn Brown, 1997.

Todd Terry brings some house in da house:

"Somethin' Going On", Todd Terry Project feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown, 1997.

Sadly not a real clip per se, but a great early 90s soul/funk/house fusion track:

"She Got Soul" Jamestown feat. Jocelyn Brown, 1991.

The house hit from Incognito, with Mizz Brown's soulful sound:

"Always There" Incognito feat. Jocelyn Brown, 1991.

From the sublime to the... well, Right Said Fred:

"Don't Talk Just Kiss", Right Said Fred feat. Jocelyn Brown, 1991.

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