Friday, September 26, 2008

An Enduring Love Affair

I have a long and enduring love affair with my neighbourhood of Newtown. I appreciate it in Autumn, and I mostly have a fondness for it in Winter, but when Spring and Summer roll around I think I fall in love with it a little bit more every year. Once the days get longer, the parks full of people later into the early evening, and the percentage of beautiful cloudless days increases, I just enjoying being in my neighbourhood. I hope I capture a little bit of how I feel about where I live when I post pictures here.

Defying Gravity

I spotted these gold pumps mounted high up on the side wall of a house on the way home this afternoon. Tucked away in a little side street, they're a bit of silliness and surprise that made me laugh out loud.

Most of my neighbourhood is quite high density living, full of old workers' cottages and narrow terrace houses, and while we could probably be a little bit more actively friendly with each other, everyone in my end of my long narrow street gets along and generally leaves each other alone. (Bin thief or two excepted.) Some of my favourite residents are the street full of friendly pusses. It can take me double the time to walk up my street if they are all out and ready to be paid their due. From the demanding ginger tom that starts yelling for a pat when I'm still two houses away, to the inscrutable Burmese that accepts but never seeks scritches.


Beautiful morning light and a luminous bloom growing through a fence near my house.

It's not all about the felines. A few blocks from home there is a big park where dogs are allowed to romp off the lead. In the morning and in the dusk of late afternoon you'll find groups of people from old Greek grans, to inner-urban Goths and hipsters, and of course lots of The Gays, standing around chatting while a large well natured pack of pups of all shapes and sizes chase each other and any ball that's being thrown.


A fantastic vintage Dodge truck I passed in the street last weekend. I didn't spot the driver, but I'm picturing a white tee with some Malboros tucked in the arm. Wishful thinking maybe

I've talked about the diversity of my neighbourhood before, but I think that's one of the strengths. The uni students, old residents that have lived here forever, and the vegan right-on sisterhood (and brotherhood) stop it from getting too precious, while The Gays (of which we are many) and the young families bring special flavours and colours of our own. The cafes are good, the shopping likewise, there are chi chi and grungy pubs... in a word, variety.


Some rear laneway street art I chanced upon last weekend.

It's a good fit for me. I like the peaceful part of the street I live in, while less than 10 minutes away there are cafes, restaurants, funky shops and bookstores open late into the night. Pretty much what I had hoped for when I moved from sleepy old Adelaide all those years ago. It just took me a while to find but, but now I'm here I'm in no rush to ever move... ever!


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yani said...

One word: Jealous!

The Other Andrew said...

One word: Immigrate!


Michael said...

PS You feel at home in your neighborhood. I feel like a stranger in a strange land.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh pet, you're breaking my heart. (PS. I think Mr Cheyenne Jackson is waiting for you in the Big Apple.)

Volacious said...

I love Newtown! I lived there for a few years as a student, and whilst I think the scenery is changing a bit (more "yuppie", less "edgy and artistic"), it's still a beautiful place.

Plus, how can one walk past the 24-hour bakery at 3am and not get a fresh roast lamb pie?? Yummmmm

The Other Andrew said...

It has changed a bit, but not so much that the charm has been lost (for me anyway), although the saddest thing is the lack of any gay pubs at the moment! :(

That should be fixed by later in the year when the Imperial re-opens and the new lessee for The Newton gets up and running, but in the meantime I haven't really felt the need for a drunken 3am lamb pie of late...

Cecilia said...

Makes me want to go to Newtown right now!

NannaPeter said...

It's a pity you didn't know me when I owned the old 4wd. It was VERY butch!