Thursday, February 21, 2008


  • Number of coffees drunk: 2
  • Number of glasses of water drunk: 4
  • Number of caesar salads eaten: 1
  • Number of emails read: 5
  • Number of websites visited: innumerable
  • Number of times complained of headache: 8?, 10?
  • Number of times told unsympathetic co-worker that she wasn't a very nice person: 1
  • Number of chocolate biscuits eaten: 1 (very good one)
  • Number of bits of work done: handfull

[Cartoon by Dave Walker from We Blog Cartoons]


yani said...

Number of blog posts produced at work: 1?


The Other Andrew said...

3, if you count this post. I know how you love accuracy! ;P

yani said...

Bitch! ;)

But yes... I do love me some accuracy... unless I have to think too hard about it, then bugger that!