Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Absolute Alliteration!

More vintage pulp fun courtesy of BookScans.


thombeau said...

What a great link!

I just got a printer/scanner, and hit the library today for some Fabulon material, including a book of pulp romance novel covers! It's funny, I went right to it without even knowing it was there.

Like attracts like.

M-H said...

"her soft blond arms"? How are they different from soft brunette arms or soft readhead arms?

Sorry, I always was too literal. It's a metaphor, right?

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Thombeau, I thought you knew that link! It's like a more comprehensive version of Gay On The Range without the niche market focus (tell me you know that one, right?).

Like does attract like, indeed!

M-H, maybe she is covered in soft downy fuzz?

thombeau said...

Of course I know Gay on the Range! One of my best sources!

Re:"soft blond arms"---perhaps by "arms" they meant "crotch". I know I often do!

The Other Andrew said...

Like, "I have a case of Arm Itch". Is that what you mean?