Friday, February 01, 2008

Breakfast Of Champions

I decided to start the day with a smoothie this morning. Despite all behavioural indicators to the contrary (because let's face it, I'm nothing if not fruity) I've been noticing the lack of fruit in my diet. So this morning I took a suggestion from a rarely consulted book I have about diet and exercise, and whizzed myself up a glass of fruitiliciousness. Health is so much nicer when you can drink it, right? Rockmelon (cantaloupe), a kiwi fruit, some mint and about a half/half mix of pineapple juice and orange juice.

Hello, yum.

Of course I'm craving a croissant right now, but what can you do? Baby steps.


M-H said...

It might help the hunger if you make sure you have some protein with that smoothie - milk, yoghurt or a cheese croissant. Or two. Protein does help keep the hunger pangs at bay.

The Other Andrew said...

Is chocolate a protein?

Kenyo said...

Kiwi fruit are edible? I thought they were just cat toys.