Monday, February 04, 2008

Shouldn't That Have A Question Mark On The End?

So, episode 1 of So You Think You Can Dance: Australia.

My fellow Australians - Verdicts? Opinions? Love/Hate? Couldn't Care Less?

Here's mine:
  • Wow, they just used the exact same opening sequence and program idents as the US version. I guess cut & paste is cheaper, right?
  • The audition episodes are always my least favourite bits. Having said that, last night wasn't really an exception, although it wasn't too bad and I did find myself getting a little misty a couple of times.
  • Ok, shut up. Seeing people really, really happy always makes me tear up.
  • On the upside; the dance standards look fairly high, and it bodes well for the other cities given that they've only done Perth and Brisbane auditions so far.
  • On the downside; 'dance is my life', 'I've lived through such hardship', 'I have way more confidence in myself than my skill would deem reasonable' cliches were in full force.
  • Is it just me, or did some of the hard luck stories seem to get an easier ride through?
  • Judge Matt Lee, what's with all the hats pumpkin? Unless I missed it flash by in the promos, it looks to me like you've got some sort of hat on in every future episode...



Mel said...

There's a US version? I'm so glad our TV reception is crap.

james said...

I´m not entirely convinced the program needs a question mark at the end of the title.

After all, sometimes, at the beginning of a sentence, so can act as a kind of summing up device or transition eg:

¨So, itÅ› safe the assume the program is crap.¨

In which case, yes it needs some punctuation in the form of a comma after the word so.

So in this case it would be...

¨So, you think you can dance¨, making it more of a statement of fact the person thinks they can dance, rather than a question requiring an answer.

Kris said...

I gave it a try, just for you! I made it through about half the episode. I might give it another try when they get past the auditions, since it sounds like those eps are better...

Michael said...

RE: hatboy

He can pull it off.

The Other Andrew said...

Mel, c'mon don't judge if you haven't seen! :)

James, I was more making a point about the level of awareness vs skill. Like, you think you can dance? Really?

Kris, it's like Idol. The auditions are a sometimes mildly diverting, but mostly painful part of the show. It definately picks up.

Michael, he's a bit of a cutie. Compact. He's the choreographer on the panel and demonstrates the mandatory routine for those who are "Going through to Choreography". Nice.

bernard said...

This is where my admiration for you does diverge; but that is good - it means u are not compeltely perfect and that is ok.

If u were completely perfect things would be boring.

Can I get a feed from the blog which won't give me things tagged TV or SYTYCD - then it would be perfect, in a so not boring way.

Unless u start posting pics of "Wardrobe Malfunctions" or some such.... Those would be worth it.

Reminds me - I forgot to bring a DVD to stick in the peridontist's player while stuck in the chair having my roots planed this afternoon.

Having to watch commercial day time tv for an hour will be (for me) worse than the root planing.

Trust me on this one!

The Other Andrew said...

We'll have no haterating on tv and the pop cultural zeitgeist thankyouverymuch.