Monday, February 25, 2008

GLBTI Blogger Meet

Recently James and I were chatting about having a GLBTI (gay, lesbian, bi, trans, intersex) Blogger Meet-up to coincide with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney this weekend.

If you happen to be in Sydney this Thursday, are any colour of the glbti rainbow, and either have a blog or are thinking of starting one, then please come along! We made it an early start so that people can come straight from work if they wish, and stay or go on to dinner etc.

James has created a page with more information, and as James suggests it might be nice to leave a comment if you plan on coming, so that we can get a rough idea of numbers. Hope to see you there!


mrpeenee said...

I'm so jealous. If I were in the Antipodes, you can believe I'd be there. I'll try and call in.

The Other Andrew said...

You would be the belle of the ball. I can see it now. Like Auntie Mame breezing in! (The Roz Russell version, natch.)

Michael said...