Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Charming Indeed

I'm going to tackle a little D.I.Y. job for home tonight. I think I mentioned this before, but a few weeks back I scored a couple of free cork pinup boards from work as part of a big clean out. Last week when I was on holidays I finally got a chance to visit the super cute studio store of Prints Charming, and I bought a couple of co-ordinating fabrics to cover the boards in.

Neatly packaged.

I really wanted to hide the ugly brown corkiness of the boards, and I thought that once I'd covered them in something nice I'd put one of these in my bedroom and one in the kitchen. Over the years I've amassed quite a few postcards and bits of ephemera, and I also wanted somewhere to stick up design ideas and stuff.

So I bought 2 fabrics in a light, fresh green colourway that should go nicely in my house and add a bit of punch. (I'm a bit more in love with the retro star design than the hibiscus inspired one I've decided, but I still like both of them.) I started the satisfying task of staple gunning the fabric over the boards, and tonight I'll finish that off and stick some hanging hardware on the back of them.

Do you have any idea how satisfying weilding a staple gun is? Seriously. Give me a staple gun, and a hot glue gun, and it's like there is nothing I can't achieve.


thombeau said...

How wonderfully gay!

Mikey (TLE) said...

Nice idea. I'm not so enamoured of the faux marimekko one either. But the Eames inspired retro stars I very much love.

Go you craft thing.

Jodie Sorrell said...

go Glue Gun go! :-)

(off on a slight tanjant...when my shed was robbed a few months ago they didn't find my staple gun, but they nicked the staples.)

Mindy said...

Move over Monica Trapaga! Just don't go distressing lovely old pieces of furniture please.