Friday, February 29, 2008

Meet & Greet

Last night was the GLBTI Blogger meet at the Courthouse Hotel. I had booked a table under cover, but still outside, and as it turned out the weather didn't really smile upon us. It was fairly chilly and wet, and even though we stayed dry (for the most part) it could have been more pleasant.

The warmth of the company went a long way to making it fun though. There were quite a few people I already knew, Riayn and Marcellous who I had both met once before at Sydney Blogger Meet, James (of course) who I have known for a few years, Grant who I have known for more than 20 years, Therin who I have known for almost the same length of time, my fellow knitting buddy Mary-Helen, and Panther who's house I once went to a party at but hadn't seen for about 20 years! Small world indeed. Ninglun and Mike I hadn't met before, and their blogs were completely new to me.

Here's a mousketeers' roll call of the attendees, and check out these blogs because there are some great reads:

James has written a really good recap of the evening, with his thoughts. I had a really great time, and it was fantastic to see such a diverse group of people. We talked about our blogs, about plagiarism on The Interweb, knitting (yay, Mike is a knitter too!), travel, tv, all sorts of things.

The conversation flowed easily, which has been my experience with meeting other bloggers in the past. I guess blogging really is an extension of our desire to communicate after all, and as such bloggers are generally pretty good communicators. Even though some of us are a little more shy in person than on our blogs, I guess because our own blogs give as a safe space to write our thoughts in (interweb trolls aside).

James, Riayn and I hung at the pub out until about 9pm, by which time it was raining fairly heavily and the cold had driven us inside. I made the short walk home in the rain, having had a fun night and looking forward to all the new blogs I now have to read!


thombeau said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I could have joined ya!

The Other Andrew said...

Me too! You could have entertained us with scurrilous stories about Divine, just for starters!

Mikey (TLE) said...

I just checked out El Loco and El Lobo.

What a great dog. How I mourn for (and yearn for) my old days as a pet owner.

And spookily, the last three letters in my word verification are "dog".

Le sigh.

Look out for Evanski and I in the ute pulling the "58 '08" float in the mardi gras parade on Saturday night.

ninglun said...

Happy to have met you. I would have known about "the other Andrew" if I'd read your 100 Things before last night!

The Other Andrew said...

Mikey, having just discovered El Loco & El Lobo since last night I've been reading Mike's old entries and am crossing my fingers that he keeps on blogging. He's a very entertaining and engaging writer. I guess I have a few years of archives to read at least. Mike was just as charming in person as comes across in his blog.

Ninglun, it was nice to meet you too! I still get comments on that 100 Things post, all these years later. It's a fun exercise to do!

yani said...

Speaking of Meeting and Greeting, is your email still the same Andrew (the ihug one?)....

The Other Andrew said...

Sure is Yani!

yani said...

You've got mail! ;P