Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts on Friday. I had frantic work deadlines to meet and stuff to tidy up before starting my holidays next week, and then I raced out after work to catch up with my friend Robbie for dinner and a few drinks. Catching up with Robbie was a good antidote to a shitty, stressful week.

OMG, those sodding birds have eaten all the breadcrumbs!...

Wow, I had really gotten myself into the deep dark part of the forest by the end of last week; overtired from a string of poor night's sleep, stressed from work deadlines and job frustration, stressed about money, damp and miserable from a week of constant unrelenting rain (hello, this is Summer suposedly). Anyway, I blogged about most of this at the time so none of it is really newsworthy.

I spent much of yesterday racing around in the (yet more) rain to hardware stores, and meeting painters at the house to get quotes on having the house repainted. Best thing of all I took some time to reflect, and especially to revel in the fact that I have a whole week away from work stretching out before me. Aaaaaah...

This afternoon I'm off to a birthday celebration for Evan's birthday, which should be fun. When I get stressed or strung out I can get a bit introspective and solitary, which is not always productive. It's easy to run around in mental circles, that sometimes turn into an ever diminishing spiral, you know? Stewing over negative thoughts until you just about disappear up your own bunghole. So getting out and having some social time should be a Good Thing! Catch you later.

Unless I disappear up my own bunghole that is.

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Quatrefoil said...

Glad you're feeling better, and hope you have a revitalising week off.