Monday, February 04, 2008

Opera In The Domain

Every year Opera Australia provides a free summertime Opera In The Domain performance for Sydneysiders. This year was Sydney Opera's production of "La Boheme" (here's a synopsis if you're not familiar) with a fantastic cast under the baton of Giovanni Reggioli.

Opera In The Domain is a packed out event, so those in the know usually get there early on Saturday and reserve their spots before the majority of the crowd rolls in. This year a bunch of Sydney knitters got together from lunchtime onwards to sit, knit, chat, drink and then enjoy the Opera. It had looked like it wasn't going to happen earlier in the day, because from Friday afternoon onwards it was grey and rainy. But despite a gloomy start to the day, the clouds cleared and it turned into a beautiful mild night.

Even though it was an overcast afternoon it was also hot and humid, so much of the time we were huddled under whatever shade we could find or make for ourselves. We hung out, entertained some of the passers by who weren't used to seeing people knitting en masse, and then enjoyed a magical night of Opera. Fantastic! I'm definately going again next year.

Opera In The Domain
We were so happy - and you?

The Before Photo: Sitting & Knitting Getting Crowded
The before picture, sitting and knitting (L), later in the day the crowd starts rolling in (R)

David Records His Podcast
David Reidy interviews us for his "Sticks & String" podcast.

Kris and The Snook Andrea & Adam
Webgoddess & The Snook (L), Roceal, Adam and a ball of Tofutsies sock yarn (R)

Webgoddess, where your stitches at?

Wanna Buy A Watch? Standing For The Anthem
Street performers to keep the crowd amused (L) and kicking off with the National Anthem (R)

Kris LOVES The National Anthem
For an expat American, Webgoddess sure does LOVE the National Anthem

Spring's Return Skyline
Evening settles over the Opera (L), city skyline (R)

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