Friday, February 01, 2008

Mad Eye Moody

I seem to be capping the week off with a snit for some reason. Maybe it's the lack of croissant or something. Eh, who knows? I'm kind of tired and crabby right now, and my left eye is pissing me off by being a bit sore, itchy and twitchy. Maybe it's just because it's been a big week, a string of late nights, busy(ish) work days and mornings where I've been waking up earlier than I really have to.

Who can say?

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow will most definately NOT be a sleep in morning though, as I'm being collected at 6.40am by my friend Judy to go to the Pyrmont Grower's Market. (Madness!) Then in the afternoon I'm hanging out with a big bunch of knitting buddies at the city park here known as The Domain, to secure our spot for the evening's free Opera In The Domain concert. ("La Boheme", nice.) At this point the forcast says a good chance of rain though, so please send 'no rain mojo', thanks.

Sunday I think I might have a forage at IKEA, because I want to get some of these fabrics to make cushions for my bedroom (I have a striped quilt set in the same blue/green colours and I think these would make a cute addition and liven it up a bit):

Then Sunday afternoon I'll head to the pub for knitting as per usual, before settling in in the evening for episode 1 of "So You Think You Can Dance: Australia". (Squeeee!)

Although, the way things are going I might be watching it with one good eye.


jason said...

Thankfully, those patterns look just as kicky even with just
one eye.

Jodie Sorrell said...

Those fabrics are great...shame I don't have any green in my house. Maybe I should change that!

The Other Andrew said...

At $10 a metre and 150cm wide they're a bargain too. Have a look on the ikea website, there's other colours and designs.

Anonymous said...

You can add Prints Charming to your weekend list... we ARE open this saturday from 10-2, from the girls at PC

The Other Andrew said...

Eh, but didn't your website say you reopen on the 4th - which is MONDAY? Confusing!