Monday, February 04, 2008

Flower Power

On Saturday morning I got up with the sparrows (scratch that, before them) to join my friend Judy and her son John at the monthly Pyrmont Growers' Market. Saturday was warm, grey and rainy for much of the day, but the weather held off long enough for us to have a nice wander around the markets.

I didn't buy much, just a jar of seriously yummy tayberry jam and the paper. I never buy very much at the markets, the pack sizes of most of the produce is too large for lil' ole singleton me and inspiration is sometimes slow to strike. Much of the food on offer is at the 'gourmet' end of the spectrum. I enjoy the market experience though; coffee and pastries, people watching, puppy dog watching, hanging out with Judy and John, and taking photos. As Judy pointed out I'm a voyeur.

This time around it was the flowers at the market that really drew my attention. Their cheery little faces brightening up a gloomy morning.

Pink Gumnuts
Australian native pink gumnuts

Sunflowers. What could be cheerier?

Lotus pods. "The jewel is in the lotus ~ Om Mani PadMe Hum"


thombeau said...

Great pics, Andrew!

Incidently, I have "om mani padme hum" tattooed on my wrist. In Tibetan. (So actually, "om mani peme hung")

The Other Andrew said...

Cool and thanks! Yeah, there's several variants of spelling/pronunciation.

Jodie Sorrell said...

I've never seen a green lotus pod before. And i'm not getting up at sparrows fart on a weekend to see one, so thanks for sharing your lovely piccies again.

The Other Andrew said...


Judy picked me up at 6.40am to go to the markets. I don't think the sparrows were even farting that early...

The lotus pods look amazing don't they? The same stall had the coolest looking exotics, just the thing for dramatic flower arrangements.

james said...

A colleague at work today told me she saw banana bread for sale at the markets for $22 for a loaf... and apparently it was selling like hotcakes! What drugs are they on, I thought to myself.

Michael said...

I know it's, like, tropical and whatnot down there, but when you post some of your flower pictures, I swear it's like you're transmitting from another PLANET or something. Tres exotique!

The Other Andrew said...

James, it's definately the gourmet end of the spectrum but I didn't see any $22 banana bread!

Michael, of course I live somewhere exotique! You expected any less?

thombeau said...

nice gumnuts.