Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SYTYCD:Australia - Episode The Second

My previous post about So You Think You Can Dance: Australia seems to have divided us into two camps. Me in the Pro Camp (so to speak) and Everyone Else in the Eh, Not So Thrilled Camp. Ok, fine.

Just you wait peoples, the magic will happen.

So, my thoughts about last night's auditions episode 2:
  • This is kind of odd programming. I mean, yes I'm glad they appear to be charging through the auditions episodes quickly (because: not my favourite bits), but it premiered on Sunday, then was on again last night, but not on tonight and back on again on Wednesday? WTF? I like structure people! Weekly or daily, pick one.
  • Again with the hats Matt Lee.
  • Sob stories. Oh my gawd, the sob stories! Don't get me wrong, I feel for people who have been through hardships, but auditions/job interviews/first dates are NOT the place for them. Maybe that's harsh, but stand up there and be judged on your merits.
  • I don't think the producers feel that way though. They obviously primed the judges with information about the contestants who had special needs or sad stories to tell, while it seemed like the judges knew little or nothing about everyone else. Maybe I'm wrong, but they started signing to the deaf contestant as soon as she started walking on stage, and they pushed a couple of the contestants who had sad stories to 'tell them about their backgrounds'. Going for the tears.
  • Perhaps it was editing, but I'd rather they concentrate more on the dancing and then let us get to know them afterwards. I think that also serves those contestants who get through (as a good number of them did) better, by having everyone be on an equal footing without it seeming like a pity party.
  • I was bit unsure about Natalie Bassingthwaite as host, but I've warmed to her. She was really sweet and encouraging to some of the dancers that were upset that they didn't get through.
  • Yowza, there are some cute boys! Pray they make it to the final 20.


Edna Wilt said...

Yeah. But. Matt Lee is so cute though. Hat or no hat.

The Other Andrew said...

True! I'm in agreement with you there Edna. Plus, the hats are nice hats. I like hats. I just want to see what his head looks like, to see if he's playing 'cover ups'. :)