Friday, February 15, 2008

Sensory Overload


I decided to have a wander around IKEA yesterday, making use of being on holidays and having the rare opportunity to go in the middle of the day and avoid the weekend crowds. It was primarily a fact finding mission this time around, there was some stuff in the catalogue that I was thinking of getting, and I wanted to go in and see it in the flesh, you know look under the hood and kick the tires, before committing to it. The only thing I was going to get this time was some fabric, which of course they didn't have. But I did buy some more storage boxes in the (vain?) hope of getting more 'organised'.

The IKEA here is so BIG and with so much stuff in it, that I always feel a little overloaded by the time I've done the place. You know? After a while all the beech veneer and 50c glassware starts to meld into one. A sort of Swedish fugue state. It was a lot quieter though, which was nice. And the demographic was more single mothers and youngsters, and less full families and The Gays.

I was in there for over three hours! By the time I left I felt tired and dehydrated. Who knew IKEA could be such a marathon?


thombeau said...

A Swedish fugue state!

Mikey (TLE) said...

Dancing Queen always brings on a Swedish fugue state in me...

As for who knew about the marathon, honey, you knew! I have fond (vague from the fugue state) memories of you and I doing the weekend Ikea pilgrimmage. Oohing and aahing over the boys brave enough or in love enough (or perhaps "fugued" enough) to hold hands. Ahh, good times.

Now I am one of those boys who holds hands in Ikea. Who knew such things were even possible. Ahh, dear sweet Ikea, even a barometer for the progress of one's emotional life.

I feel another fugue coming on.

Victor said...

Was it the Ikea store at Rhodes that you went to? The first time I went there (it was a weekend) the place was so crowded that I had a panic attack and I couldn't get out of it quickly enough.

I have been back since at quieter times.

The Other Andrew said...

A függuê state?

Mikey, oh how you've changed! :)

Victor, crowds don't really bother me but I find the volume of the families with screaming kids can get to be too much. I've almost been tempted to find out if the Pax wardrobes are sound proof...

Ur-spo said...

it is all those Js, Ks, and umlauts that do me in.
Apparently Blogger gets most of its word verification from IKEA