Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lupercalia By Any Other Name?

Happy Valentine's Day!

I tried kick off this post with a bit of history about the origins of Valentine's Day, but every version seems to be slightly different. One thing that seems to crop up frequently though, and even the Catholics acknowledge is the likely association with the Roman erotic and fertility festival of Lupercalia. Erotic festival has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Yeah there's stuff about poor Valentine, once saint but now suspended from duty without pay, but I have decided (in the interest of historical accuracy only, of course) that Lupercalia it is. I'm not so keen on the animal sacrifice, the flogging with strips of sacrifical hide etc, but the bits about young men in loincloths I do support. Huzzah for young men in loincloths!

Heart by Erté

Anyhoo, love and eroticism. So hard to seperate anyway, and sometimes so easy to confuse for each other. So I hope you all get a fair sized helping of both on this day. Or maybe tonight. Or even later in the week. Just get some, ok?

Heart by Erté

This is also a little love letter to all of you who stop by here. Thanks so much for reading! Really. I never expected this blog to become something that I would enjoy doing almost every day, but it is. Big love and erotic Lupercalian thoughts especially for those of you who comment, to those of you who link back to this little blog of mine, and for those of you who provide me with thought provoking and amusing times on your own blogs.

Big kisses and a squeeze for all! Mwah!


thombeau said...

Happy VD, sweetness! I loves ya, and you know it!

jason said...

Huzzah to young men in loincloths to you too!

(wish I could get a card saying that)

Ur-spo said...

happy lover's day to you too, dearie.

Jodie Sorrell said...

Happy Choccies and flowers day to you too!

Charles said...

Hey Andrew~

I just want to say wishing you best Valentine's Day!

(Visit my blog too!)

Hannah said...

Only been reading your blog for a week or so.

So far so good!

Happy Valentines day.


freakgirl said...

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks everyone! I hope you have/had a great one! XX