Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I think I'm becoming a victim of industrial deafness.

We have one of our workers on light duties, so she's here in our office 'helping' us at the moment. Talking loudly on her mobile. Typing up documents with a hundred spelling errors in them. Getting instructions wrong. You know, helping. On account of the quality of the helping, she's now been put onto photocopying.

Lots of photocopying. 5 reams of paper, so far.

One of the bains of my existence is the fact that I share a small office with the photocopier. Pardon me, the Document Centre(TM). The sedan sized greige hulk that faxes/scans/prints/copies but yet oddly does not do windows or administer hand jobs. What it does do though is make a racket, a really, really LOUD one. It's like it's hammering out hot metal type first before running the handpress.

Sharing an office with this thing means:
a) everyone clomps in and out of my office all day long (and I consequently have to Alt+Tab off The Internetz like a demon - reaction time is up!)
b) given that we have hardwood floors, I get to listen to the combo of the clomping and the racket of the Greige Demon running full tilt and the phone (which it is my responsibility to answer)

Or is that my ears that are ringing?...


q60sgirl said...


Andrew, time for me to move on. Loved your blog from the start. Its all you. All the best with your Lam Rim studies over the next period and all your future directions.


The Other Andrew said...

OK, take care.

Michael Guy said...

You had me at "griege," love.

Oh, for sure; my split-screen minimize action times are improving daily. And though I realize porn in the workplace is a no-no...pulleaase. Besides, I plan on having a coffee accident in my hard drive the day I quit.

Ur-spo said...

CS Lewis once wrote that in contrast to Heaven, where all that is not music is silence - hell is the Kingdom of Noise!
Far too much noise in our world.
Let's all turn off the sounds.

Christopher said...

I've been blessed by the office gods with a "whiteboard" posted up high, on one of my cubicle walls.

I keep this board clean at all times, due to its highly reflective surface that helps to alert me of incoming snoops. I also have a little convex mirror sitting near my monitor for all of the midgets/hobbits that aren't tall enough to show up in the whiteboard...

and you know you've got a problem when you read blogs at home with the screen minimized.

The Other Andrew said...

MG, j'adore greige! It's the colour of technology!

No porn here, but the odd nudie boy does (ehem) pop up when I'm perusing Flickr every now and then.

ur-spo, I'm quite sensitive to noise (even though I'm partially deaf in one ear). Sydney is a noisy town, especially when you ride the train system.

Christopher, I face the entrance and have a flat screen, so they have to get all the way behind me to see what's on the screen. The white board sounds like a cunning plan!

I'm one of those midget/hobbits that would pop up on your mirror... holla!