Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Now With Less Polka Dots

The strange spottyness of Monday is subsiding. The consensus is some sort of allergy maybe, it's not certain but what is certain is that it isn't anything like measles or chicken pox. Wrong kind of polka dots, apparently. Pox free!

My work were concerned about potential plague risk, so I stayed at home yesterday and pretty much napped for most of the day. It sounds kind of nice, but it was sort of more of an anti-histamine enduced fugue state. Eh, I should have made good use of it and robbed a bank or something because then it clearly would have not been my fault Your Honour.

Last night I roused my marginally less spotty self and headed over to the glam apartment of Mikey (the lovely ex), for a dinner which we had pre-aranged last weekend. Mikey cooked up a storm (an Asian 'fusion' inspired warm tuna salad) and we dished our way through "Dancing With The Stars" on tv. A nice way to cap off an otherwise uneventful day.


Laubscher said...

Glad to hear you're ok. Maybe you should keep a stash of antihistamines around for when you're suffering one of your bouts of insomnia :-)

The Other Andrew said...

In theory, that makes sense. But I HATE anti-histamines, they give the woowsy dry mouthed yucks. It's like exchanging one problem for another. Nice try though. :)

Keith said...

And next thing you know, you're needing personal lubricants....oh, wait.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

gah, TOA, I would have been even more insane than usual this summer if not for antihistamines. then again, I really haven't noticed any dry-mouthiness so I don't mind popping them one bit.

there has been something really allergicky about the last few months!