Monday, March 19, 2007


Every Sydney photographer has to take this shot at least once, it's like mandatory, or something:

The Sydney Opera House. It's so incredibly photogenic and iconic that no matter how you shoot it, it sort of ends up looking like a postcard. Even though I've lived here for many years I still get a little rush every time I see it sitting there, lit up in the dark of night like a jewel, or like some fantastic sailing vessel setting a course for open sea.

Oh, and let's not forget the other great Sydney icon, The Sydney Harbour Bridge (aka 'the coat hanger'). 75 years young yesterday. Happy 75th birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge!

I took both of these night shots down at Circular Quay, just after birthday drinks for my Flickr buddy James M on Friday night. It was a hot, still, overcast night and the ocassional rain splatters did little to relieve the oppressive humidity. I don't have a tripod for my camera but I managed to get some halfway decent shots by leaning on any flat surface I could find. (If you were down at Circular Quay in Sydney on Friday night and saw some crazy guy doubled up over a waterside bollard, well mystery solved! I am that crazy! And it's not like the fleet was even in town or anything.)

Birthday drinks high above the harbour, and a mini photo ninja wander around the waterside landmarks on the way home, two great ways to kick off the start of the weekend.


Michael Guy said...

I for one appreciate the 'postcard' pics! Love the opera house at night/water photo...very magical. You've inspired me to start walking around with my camera as the weather begins to warm up a bit here.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh cool! Photo ninja!! I can't wait to see the results.