Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

I have one of those No Advertising Material stickers on my letterbox, installed there by my landlords a long time ago. It doesn't completely stop the onslaught of letterbox junk mail, but it does cut it back dramatically.

Generally, in principle, as an idea, theoretically, I'm in favour of the concept. Save the trees etc. However, sadly this includes the junk I do want, like Ikea catalogues. (I get them to mail me one, which probably just screws up the environment even further, right? I'm a bad person.)

So. My guilty pleasure is that I work in a very suburban residential street, which means that we get the same letterbox deliveries as the householders, which means that I just spent a very satisfying 5 minutes with a KMart catalogue. Don't judge me.

Anyone got a cigarette?


Keith said...

The Martha Stewart section of the K-Mart flyer is the new JC Penney men's underwear page.

Michael Guy said...

Some of life's thrills are cheaper than others.

Regular or menthol, Andrew?

Michael Guy said...

O M G! "Keith" was in front of me! How gay three-way is this?!

The Other Andrew said...

Exactly. Pile on!

But what you boys need to know is that KMart here is so much more low rent than you're used to. FYI, no Martha for instance and for reals. I don't shop there, but the catalogues give me wood.

Mindy said...

But they do have living with Deborah Hutton! (which personally gives me the heebie jeebies, the idea of opening the linen closet and Deborah Hutton popping out I mean).

Cozalcoatl said...

You should see the sheer number of cattledogs here. Rob's folks get about 37457548 a day. I sent Kate some last week but the mail ain't cheap. If ya want I can send you a few tasty morsels?
Probably horrible to the environment but there are some pretty cool ones....just waiting for you.

The Other Andrew said...

Mindy, Deborah Hutton scares me too! (For those playing along at home on foreign shores, she's an Aussie model turned lifestyle/fashion tv presenter.)

Coz, how fabulous! But sending them, that would be cruel and taunting. All those catalogues and no ability (or $$$s) to shop. Aaaaargh! It'd be like when DV brought me back a Martha catalogue from the states... I needed EVERYTHING.

Cozalcoatl said...

Ya know you want to...;) email me your address if ya pretty so precious.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Coz - ME TOOO!!! ohhh mail me some cattledogs too... trade ya for some Vegemite or something ;-)

TOA - I'm guilty too. so guilty. I love junk mail. we seem to be in a bit of a grey zone - sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't. occasionally The Delightful Nanna complains at KMart or Target, and the junk starts flowing again... heh.