Wednesday, March 14, 2007

5 Morning Commute Thoughts For The 14th of March

  1. I'm certain there will be an MP3 player lead wave of deafness (or at least tinitis) in the future. Sydney trains are loud as it is, especially if you get one of the older carriages, and to have loud music pumped directly into your ears over the top is asking for ear damage. I was sitting 5 rows away from a young woman this morning and I could clearly make out the tune she was listening to through her earbuds.

  2. I was handed a sample of a yummy new yoghurt line by an equally yummy young man as I walked through Parramatta mall this morning. Only, here's a thought. If your brand is called Nudie, don't you think you should carry that theme through your promotions? Shirtless, at least.

  3. CityRail, a train isn't really 'delayed' if it's 16 minutes late. When they are supposed to be 15 minutes apart, it's the next train.

  4. I am the Sudoku king! Bow down before me.

  5. I sat next to the most incredibly elegant Indian woman on the train this morning. Ok, she had a mildly annoying habit of sniffing but she was so groomed and, well, put together that I hoped some of the glamour might have rubbed off a bit.


Michael Guy said...

"Nudie" yogurt? Where's the sign up sheet? And I agree: if one can hear another's iPod music I'm of the firm belief that it's a wee bit loud. Same with all the bling SUVs driving around with some hyper-bass boom beat that I can hear down the block with my windows closed. WHAT, pray tell--must that sound like inside the car?

Indian women are some of the world's most beautiful. Can't really say the same for the everyday Indian man of the street. There are a couple 'bollywood' stars that twitch my nut sack though.

The Other Andrew said...

I picture this whole generation of 30 somethings in the future with significant hearing loss. That might be an exaggeration but people aren't always careful with the audio levels of iPods etc. Especially in a noisy urban environment.

I find many Indian men incredibly beautiful. Tall, broad shouldered, slim hipped - what's not to like?

Michael Guy said...

I dunno, Andrew: Indian men just aren't on my radar. I'm envisioning skinny wieners and purple ball sacs. (I'm psychic like that...) Now, fat wieners and purple ball sacs on Puerto Ricans...yowsah!

But can we talk here? Israeli army guys. I'd almost join a kibbutz and grow my own vegetables.