Friday, March 09, 2007


The more I hang out with the dogs of my friends, the more I feel like I need one of my own.

Beautiful Eyes
One of my friend Spyder's beautiful whippets.

Mind you, I've thought this about boyfriends in the past. We know how that one's worked out. They're all cute and stuff when you get 'em, then they start chewing on your best shoes and it's all downhill from there.


Jason said...

Funny analogy.
I love whippets, they're so different but darn cute.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Jason!

I love whippets too. This is one of a pair and they're litter sisters. I wasn't sure if this was Bella or Bronte from the pic, because aside from size difference they're almost identical. Both gorgeous.

Gabrielle said...

It's Bella looking so very sweet. Usually she's sticky the overly pointy snout somewhere it ain't been invited.
Andrew, I think I'll just have to get you come around and do some formal portraits of the whole mob. Your photos rock.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Gab! I'd love to, you know it.

Keith said...

I love whippets, too. You don't see many of them around here, but my good friends have had a few. So loveable and snuggly.

He'll chew on my shoes, huh? I'm thinking as long as he chews on my ear as well, that I'd be OK with it. Boyfriend, I mean.

Therin of Andor said...

Jack Russells rock.
And Jack would love a new playmate.

Gabrielle said...

Dyawanna set up a play date for the doggies?
The girls play well with Jackies- they don't run as fast but they make up for speed with exuberance.

PS I know you from Sydney Trek fandom, from like, 20 years ago. Possibly 25.
Scared yet?

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Ah, puppies. So very adorable. When Gabrielle and I lived together about 7 years ago (for about 5 years and no, not "live" together... sheesh). Anyway, lost the thread.

Well, when we lived together I basically adopted one of her earlier pair of whippets, the adorable Tazer. I was very upset when he died a few years ago. He was always veeeery jealous of TOA when he and I were going out. I found it adorable, I expect Andrew, well, didn't... Thus linking the dog/boyfriend analogy in the OP.

My current doggie adoptee (well, close) is the "scorchingly hot" Steve's papillon, Rex. You will have seen his photo on Andrew's flicker page. Adorable (Rex, that is). He's much more papillon like, now and I get to babysit him over Easter. Can't wait.

tracey said...

I wish everyone had a Mischa of their own.


Therin of Andor said...

That would be cool, Gabrielle. I'm intrigued; were you known as Gabby? Did I know you from the Marathons or Astrex?

Have you ever been to Cafe Bone in Leichhardt, in the park beside the canal? A great place for dogs to meet over a Puppaccino.

Gabrielle said...


you may well have known me as Spyder or possibly not at all. I attended those dreadful marathons at Anzac House when I was short, spotty and 14. Moved onto that other band of merry nerds (the SCA) lost the spots, but stayed short.
And I thought you were just marvelous, what with your blue skin and white hair!

Often pack the gang in the car to romp around the dog park, usually at the weekend.
Therin, TOA, Mikey we could make a morning of it and eveyone could get their share of doggy lovin.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh man, do you think we could throw the stinky but almost-lovable Heebster into the mix?

Therin of Andor said...

>I attended those dreadful marathons at Anzac House

Hey, they weren't "dreadful" marathons. "Dreadful" would have been if Bob had made good with his threat(s) to start charging people to hang around the foyer instead of buying a ticket to watch five Star Trek episodes on the big screen - admittedly the foyer was where the fun was to be had, between the two intermissions.

>when I was short, spotty and 14.

Hey, everyone there was short, spotty and 14. Or blue. "Spyder", eh? I remember you: I sold you a toasted cheese and tomato jaffle. (Safe comment: I sold every spotty kid there a toasted cheese and tomato jaffle at some point...)

Let's book up a Dog Day Afternoon. Or morning. I'm available every second weekend. Counting the next one.