Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm kinda busy, kinda weary, kinda frustrated, and kinda lacking in spark today. I've started and trashed a few blog entries this morning, all of them judged and found wanting.

Meh. Blogging about not blogging is one of those things I try not to do but sometimes it's good to just get something, anything, onto the page/screen and see what follows on. Like writing "It was a dark and stormy night." at the top of the page when you have writer's block, knowing full well that you can go back and cross that one out once you get going. It at least starts the engine turning over.

Car metaphors, from me? Lifetime non-driver and the least mechanically minded person in the universe. Who'd have thought?

I guess mechanical metaphors are pertinent at the moment. This week I'm not running at my optimum, and signs of wear and tear are showing. Gears are grinding. Pistons misfiring. It feels like a lack of maintenance and some jerryrigged repairs in the past are coming unstuck.

Maybe I just need more lubricant...

OK, I just went to a different place entirely there for a moment. Funny how we always seem to end up there isn't it?

[Updated: OK, as it turns out an hour spent doing no work, looking at handsome boys on Flickr, and wandering through my blog links, went a long way to counteracting the dose of the Blahs that this post sprang from. See how easy to fix I am? Your mileage may vary.]


Michael Guy said...

o. m. g. Me too! "lifetime non-driver" We were separated at birth. I'm certain that's it!

Do you get grief for that like I do? Fortunately I live in a metro area where a car would be a major pain in the ass expense-wise.

q60sgirl said...

Andrew i have sent you significant mail sweetie xx

Bella said...

Andrew, I can only put your change of mood down to receiving a good service. Now DO tell where yo had it done! ;-)

q60sgirl said...

Thanks for the prompt reply A :) I have never felt this settled nor determined. Have fun and enjoy yourself. I have my Bollywood Wedding pics this weekend and thanks to you the pics will turn out beautifully x

Christopher said...

ONLY an hour of not working, reading blogs, etc???....That's what I'm trying to cut my time DOWN to, here at're my inspiration!

The Other Andrew said...

Bella, a gentleman never tells.

Enjoy the wedding Q!

Christopher, well an hour at that point. The rest of the afternoon was a bit of a write-off.

The Other Andrew said...

MG, I get a bit of grief about being a non-driver every now and then. No too much though. It never ceases to amaze me that even though I don't drive, how is it that I'm one of the few people amongst my friends who manages to get to paces ON TIME? :)

Therin of Andor said...

Non-driver here, too. I had about six driving lessons at age 18 or so and decided it was like every other sport I tried to do, and had all the same skill requirements: hand/eye coordination, outwitting your opponent, etc.

The world is a safer place without me behind the wheel.

And the money i save not running a car buys more books and toys, and pays for the three or four cabs I might need per year. Otherwise, yay public transport and a book to read (train+walk chosen over a bus any day, though).