Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I felt like I needed to decompress when I left work yesterday, so I joined a group of around a half dozen friends for a few beers last night. These friends meet every Wednesday at a particular suburban pub, as a sort of standing arrangement. The core group is generally the same, with occasional ring-ins like myself. The numbers ebb and flow.

It's not quite Dororthy Parker and the vicious circle, but the quips still flow thick and fast.

I set out to decompress and have a good time and I achieved that. The beer wasn't really the necessary part, the laughs and comraderie were the essential ingredients.


q60sgirl said...

That sounds lovely :)

The Other Andrew said...

It was! Lots of laughs.

Ur-spo said...

nothing like good food and cheer of company to brigten up a day.
almost as good as a new frock.

The Other Andrew said...

Or a new hat, Lucy.

Michael said...

The right company is what it's all about, baby.

Phone rings,
Door chimes,
In comes
No strings,
Good times,
Room hums,
Late nights,
Quick bites,
Party games,
Deep talks,
Long walks,
Telephone calls.
Thoughts shared,
Souls bared,
Private names,
All those
Up on the walls--
"With love."

freakgirl said...

Cheers for good friends!

We actually have a group of friends who we meet at the Algonquin once a year, to catch up.

The Other Andrew said...

So, you're like Dorothy Parker! Cool.

freakgirl said...

Yup, complete with disdain for other people and a drinking problem.

I kid, of course.

Kind of.

The Other Andrew said...

"One more dink and I'll be under the host"

Most favourite DP quote EVER.

The Other Andrew said...

"Dink"? Errrr, drink. Telling, don't you think?