Thursday, March 01, 2007

To Do List For Autumn

March 1st. I guess that makes today the first day of Autumn, right? Even though the days are still warm, the grey skies and shorter days recently have certainly made me think that Autumn was around the corner. It also struck me recently that I haven't made anything in ages. I used to always have some sort of small project on the go, something to keep my hands busy while I sat in front of the tv in the evenings. Especially in the longer cold nights of Autumn and Winter.

Time to think about a To Do List for Autumn:
  • Drew has inspired me to want to learn to knit. Actually, I knitted briefly as a kid, but that was when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and there wasn't anywhere near the funky patterns and yarns that there are now.

  • Mend, revamp or throw/give away stuff that is hanging in my wardrobe unworn since forever.

  • Get my sewing machine fixed.

  • Print up and have framed the photo enlargements I've been wanting to give as gifts for months now. (Draw the line at developing a taste for scrapbooking.)

  • Maybe make some soft toy gifts for the huge tribe of kids my friends have created.

Yeah, that'll keep me going for a while.


M-H said...

Ooh, Andrew, you'll have to come along to SSK (linked off my blog). I won't be there until I can climb stairs again. Or there's Kris's stitch'n'bitch groups in the city.

The Other Andrew said...

I will! I read with horror about your recent injury on your blog. OUCH! Get better soon, huh!

Anonymous said...

i am confident you can learn to knit! it's loads of fun and very relaxing. it will keep you warm during the upcoming autumn.


The Other Andrew said...

Hey Drew, thanks for the vote of confidence! My Gran taught me decades ago, but it's been thirty years at least ::gulp:: since picked up a pair of needles.

Wingdingo said...

I could be way off or even out of line for saying so, but it would be great to see...

"Find out what's keeping you awake at night and do something to reclaim your peace of mind, and body." the top of your to do list. It doesn't seem much like having "enough to keep [you] going for a while" is a problem that needs immediate addressing.

The Other Andrew said...

Wing, good point but a whole seperate topic all and of itself. :) I've always had sleep issues, but they've been particularly erratic since I broke my collarbone about 3 years ago and spent about 3 months barely sleeping at all. They've never really settled down that well since.

Kenyo said...

Seasonally speaking...What determines the date your autumn begins and ends? Up north here we base the changes of seasons on equinoxes and solstices.

We don't begin spring until March 21 but it lasts until June 21.

Is Australia Welsh enough to have autumn begin on March 1 because it's St. David's Day?

Btw, men knitting here is all the rage. With complex complicated 3-D designs -- sweaters that look like you could hurt yourself putting one on. Or put out an eye, perhaps.

As for insomnia, have you tried reading any of Stephen King's books?

Morgan said...

Ah, like Wing, it would be great to see something like this top your to do list, or even just make it somewhere:

"get healthy; get regular vigorous exercise"

And maybe even:
"reduce the amount of time I sit in front of the tv in the evenings"...

The Other Andrew said...

Gee Morgan, why not just call a spade a spade and call me a fat slob who watches too much television.

The Other Andrew said...

PS. I think you and Wing both missed the point that this was a To DO List about craft projects. If I was posting a To Do List about the rest of my life, then this comment may have been more justified in my opinion.