Monday, March 26, 2007

Current Crisis Of Creative Confidence

(Some iteration of alliteration, non?)

I feel like I'm kinda stuck on the photography front at the moment. I look at the stuff I've been shooting of late and I'm all a bit underwhelmed by it. Flowers. Funny signs. The sort of stuff I've been shooting for the past few years.

Sometimes I find that being on Flickr is a bit of a double edged sword. It's encouraging and inspiring to see other people's amazing photos, but then sometimes I look at my own photostream and think Oh no, 90% 75% half of this is shit! Ok, that's on a bad day. Most of the time I'm not that harsh.

Maybe what I'm feeling is a lack of creative growth. It's easy to fall back on wandering the streets of my gaybourhood when I feel like taking some shots. What I probably need to do is take charge of the process a bit more and set myself some creative challenges. When I've stretched myself in the past, such as shooting a burlesque show or working with a nudie model, I've enjoyed the results I achieved.

Before my love affair with the camera when I painted, made jewellery, embroidered or made a costume I sat down and planned it. Did some sketching or made up a sample. Maybe what I need to do is start bringing that level of creative planning to my photography as well. Shift from relying on primarily a 'documentary' style to try something with a bit more creative control. Even if that fails to bring the results I want, at least it will be a learning exercise.

The other possibility is maybe that backing off from photography and going back to some of my old creative endeavours might give me the space for photography to become fresh again. Either approach might work. Last night I clacked off around 7 or 8 rows of knitting during "Ugly Betty", and while it's all still pretty slow and amateur, I am starting to get more neatness and more of a rhythm. And starting to enjoy it, once I started to get more confident.

[PS: I want you all to know that I have a powerful masculine energy about me... even with all the knitting, embroidery, jewellery making and sewing. Just so you know.]


Laubscher said...

Another option, and one I inflicted on myself recently, is to expand your kit. Get a good flash.

Few things explode your camera's creative potential more than a good flash. Besides that, it's a load of fun to mess around with an off-camera flash.

The Other Andrew said...


Or, more accurately, "Things I Don't Have for 20 points please."

Cozalcoatl said...

Though you can look at Flickr as just a place to store photos, if people look at them then cool but not every photo needs to be a masterpiece.
If its all about art and other folks perception then thats different I guess.
Lucky I don't care that much, cause photos of Darwin would get old real quick ;)

I like your photos alot, you have a good eye but in the end its what you are happy with.

M-H said...

Knitting? What're you knitting, hmmm? scarf? Hat? dishcloth?

The Other Andrew said...

M-H, um try about 8 rows of garter stitch. Doll scarfe, maybe? If I cast it off and turn it on its side. It's the first time I've picked up the needles in about 30 years, and it's just a wee practice run.

BTW - I had dinner at a friend's house on Friday night and she's a keen (and productive) knitter. Talk turned to knitting blogs and yours is a favourite of her's!

Michael Guy said...

'powerful masculine energy.' I sooo get that vibe from you.

And when you get to Chicago remind me to show you all my vintage McCall's dress patterns while we watch some hockey.

q60sgirl said...

Some days i feel refreshed by seeing a photographic moment and letting the opportunity simply pass me by. And just having it as a memory or thought. Comes and goes. Liberating. Choices.


Ur-spo said...

I am not a photographer, but I suppose that its attraction and creativity ebbs and flows like any other artistic genera. When this happens in one of my outlets, I either put it down for a while or do something completely different therein.

Christopher said...

I can smell the Butch essence that you're emitting from 1/2 a world away....mmmmmmm!

The Other Andrew said...

Smell the butch ladies!

(McCalls you say?... got anything in a 'junior petite'?)

Ur-spo, I think you are right about ebbs and flows. I'm sure that's a large part of it.

Q, I always seem to see the good photo ops when I DON'T have my canera! :)

billy said...

Hey Andrew, I know what you mean by the competitive nature, especially on Flickr. Don't let that get to you, no one is the best critic except yourself. It's good to back yourself off from flickr and SPB group for a while, and I started doing so myself recently. You make pretty pictures, I don't comment on people blogs much, but I do have your blog in my bloglines, so as your stream of photos. The subtle of humour in your photos always crack me up.

Hope you will pick up the camera some time soon and keep shooting.
Oh, can u knit me a pair of Space Invaders socks??? :P

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Space Invaders socks = geek. (That's not a criticism, I mean that with some admiration!) Thanks for your kind comments on my photos. I'm still shooting! :)

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Creative crisis eh? Should I hit everyone's favourite dog owner up for more nudie shots? He tells me he is now hovering between a 26 and 28 inch waist... I mean, does he want me to push him under a bus???

The Other Andrew said...

::elbows Mikey out of the way:: That bitch is going under!

Unless of course he needs a 'workout' partner...