Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stamp "Handle With Care"

Hey how you all doin'?

Me? Oh, sure, well I've had a f*cking assh#le c%nting c$cksucking sh@t muthaf&cker of a day, thanks for asking.

Being yelled at by elderly demented clients? Check. Tackling the most incredibly boring and repetitive task in my work repertoire? Check. Check. Check. A bit hurt and angry at an insensitive comment on one of my old blog posts? Check. My stupid bank hitting me with a $40 fee, for something patently Not My Fault? Check.

At least I don't have a cat, otherwise it probably would have died, you know?

Tonight there will be beers. Ship 'em in.

[And yes, don't worry, storm in a teacup. It'll all be blown over in an hour's time. Maybe. Or, maybe in 3 beers' time.]


Laubscher said...

Hope you're on your third beer by now. I've heard tequila also helps put problems in perspective. The more tequila, the smaller your problems become.

And here's hoping your only problem tomorrow is a hangover, and maybe some carpet burns :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! No hangover (yay) or carpet burns (boo) this morning. I had a few beers with a bunch of mates, and the worries of the day faded away into the distance.