Friday, February 10, 2006

If You're Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

It's Friday in my neck o' the woods and it feels like the weekend is here already. I only write about my moods when they are particularly high, or less often when they are particularly low, but the other 90% of the time I cruise along at a comfortable altitude. This is going to be one of those good mood posts.

I've been trying really hard this week to be disciplined about losing weight, eating better and getting more exercise. Losing weight the old fashioned way. It's kind of weird because I can be hugely lazy about this sort of thing, but when I flick the switch in my head to 'ON' and put in place some structure, then I respond really well to the discipline. Actually I respond very well to discipline. Anyone?

Anyhoo, I'm not sure what the exact number is, because me old bathroom scales are far from accurate, but I've dropped a noticeable amount of weight this week. I've only ever dieted once before and it looks like the pattern is the same this time around. A big loss in the first week (last time it was 3.4Kg or around 7 pounds) and then it settles down to the more realistic number of just under a Kg a week. This morning I put on a new polo shirt for work and my regular jeans, and there is a noticeable difference. So, yay me!

If that wasn't mood enhancing enough, my social life has really blossomed this week. Call it the last hurrah of Summer if you will. I was futzing around the house last night, just about to jump in the shower to go out and meet up with my friend Brendan and the A List Gays, when I thought I heard someone at the front door. I wasn't sure, but then there was a quiet rattling of the screen door again.

I went to the door and standing there was a guy had met back in December called Christopher. Christopher lives one street over from me, and I met him when we shared a cab ride home from the airport just after Christmas. Prior to that I had seen him around the neighbourhood and we had done a bit of casual cruising of each other on the street. We chatted, phone numbers were exchanged, it was very pleasant. He's off to hospital for an operation for an undisclosed ailment, but afterwards there might be a date in the offing. He has nice eyes and an easy laugh. I like that.

Afterwards I met up with Brendan and the A List Gays and had a really great evening. Any reticence I felt about these guys being 'party boys' and 'out of my league' just shows where my insecurities lie, because in truth they are a warm and friendly bunch of guys. We had drinks, dinner, and then went to The Imperial to see the 10pm drag show (and as it turned out the 11pm one as well, and almost stayed for the midnight one...). I hadn't seen a weeknight drag show at The Impy and it was hysterical, and much filthier than the weekend show.

By the end of the evening we had made arrangements for meeting up on late Sunday afternoon again and even for a camping trip later in the year. Oh, and I've continued to hit it off very well with one of the guys, so who knows? There may be a date in the offing sometime as well. I'm kind of in the mood to date in the old fashioned sense. Take things slow, get to know each other and see if a potential for a relationship is there. Not jump straight into the sack, or rush to RELATIONSHIP without passing GO (or collecting $200).

I think this is all connected. Even though I've just started to lose weight I already feel better, look a little better and am more confident. I'm not very overweight by any stretch, I'm technically about 7.5Kg (15-20 pounds I think)overweight for my size, but because of my size (small) any extra weight is very noticeable and sits on my belly and chest as Chunk. My attitude towards myself has changed and that confidence just has to have a knock on affect, surely? Confidence is attractive.


Cozalcoatl said...

Cool glad the diet is going well.

How do you lose that much weight in a week?
I've been trying to loose my Mexican fiesta weight (only about 5kg) since June. Lost about 2kg, and i go to the gym a fair bit, and mostly watch what i eat.
Must be doing something wrong here...

The Other Andrew said...

I'm doing Weight Watchers, and no matter what people think about them, that shit works. Just a structured method of eating sensibly. I even go to the meetings, and try not to think of Fat Fighters!

Plus, the no alcohol thing helps. I don't drink at all now, but when I did WW the first time (and lost 16kg) I basically gave up alcohol for the duration.

Michael Guy said...

Snaps on losing the weight! I'm also trying to lose some poundage. Mostly at this age it just hangs in my gut and my jawline for some inexplicable 'baby fat' reason.

The BF wants me to do WW, on-line, as he had success with it a year ago..that whole "point system" thing.

I told him I was already on a 'point system' for eating; I point to something I want and then eat it.

Seriously, I need to get all huffy and mad to lose the weight; if a friend said "hey, fat ass..." I'd buckle down and drop it like mad. I'm up 9lbs from September 1st. It must go away.

Nice story about a good time out with the A List Gays and good friends. DRAG is such a mood lifter.

The Other Andrew said...

The drag last night was off-the-hook funny. Three pregnant mamas in huge Pucci print housecoats that with a quick drop to the knees and a flipping up of said housecoats turned into three big scary babies. Has to be seen to be understood, but one of the best costume changes on stage I've ever seen.

Losing weight is kind of boring to talk about, but must be done! I'm doing it for the sake of my blood pressure etc also, but of course aesthetics are a huge part. Say "NO!" to man tits! I know what you mean about anger, you have to get to the point where the ENOUGH! becomes stronger than the lure of fried food. :-)

Michael said...

That MIDDLE FAT as you get older is a CURSE! If I gain weight I suffer from the dreaded SKINNY FAT. No fat anywhere except the love handles and stomach.
It's partly age and partly stress. Cortisol (stress hormone) causes the belly fat.
::heads for the treadmill::

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Must. Not. Get. Stressed...

Ageing is the pits. My Post 40 Metabolism Slowdown started at around 30-35. I was quick off the mark.

Miss Eudoxia said...

re the man boobs. I am so glad there are men out there that consider NOT growing them. I must admit I have sat in the firetruck, looked around and thought "Hmmmmm, I am the only female here and everyone has bigger boobs than me". Was thumbing through a catalouge of the nicest corsets, and they had some lovely ones for men, if I were rich enough I woudl by some for my manboob fire mates but a - I am sure they wouldnot appreciate it and b- I'm not rich.
But well done on weight loss...can only be good for you (in moderation of course)