Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today Is February 14th. You Do Get That It's Like VALENTINE'S DAY, Right?


Bodhi said...

Roses and Red
Violets are Blue
I love Brad Pitt
Ummm, who are you?

The Other Andrew said...

Hold me. I'm feeling very alone right now.

Bodhi said...


Looks like its just you and me on the couch with the TV as company again, sweetness.

Michael said...

I gotta say that the pressure got to me. Gauntlet and all. You know I love you like a gelato on a hot Italian night. Or even like my tongue on a hot Italian. That much!

The Other Andrew said...

...and I love you more than my shoes. If I compiled a list of top 5 fantasy internet boyfriends you'd be top of the list, baby. Albino nipple and all. J'adore.