Thursday, February 16, 2006

5 Reasons To Paste A Smile On My Dial

  1. Going one notch tighter on the belt, without entering muffin top territory.
  2. The new reality tv show Baywatch Bondi Rescue, which may not exactly be great television, but hello! lifesavers and speedos. What's not to love? (Although the filming of the series has lead to at least one allegation of the lifeguards being somewhat distracted).
  3. Autumn is around the corner here, call me a freak but I love the changing of the seasons.
  4. Being grateful for the fact that Winter Olympics hotties aren't always rugged up. I just love quality journalism, don't you? [link via towleroad]
  5. Rich at FourFour just gets funnier and funnier. We don't even have Project Runway 2 on our screens here, and yet I look forward to his weekly recaps.


Michael Guy said...

I soooooo need to drop a notch on my belt. So "WW" is kicking ass?! I am practically living on air. (okay, I had a burger at lunch. NO fries and left 1/3rd of the burger)

Still..the pounds are not melting away as quickly as I put them on!

Kate Moss I'm not...

The Other Andrew said...

WW is kicking my ass - and trimming it. It works for me, the first time I did it (about 4 years ago) I lost 16Kg (about 35 pounds?) and kept it off until I had a car accident, was immobile for a while and started comfort eating. You actually get to eat a LOT of food on WW, in fact snacking on the right sort of stuff is important. Every time you eat you kick along your metabolism. Starving yourself makes your body horde its reserves.

I like it because unlike one of those ptogrammes where you buy their food, WW makes you develop your own good habits.

[/end WW sales pitch]

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

"Dust... high in fat, or low in fat... Dust..."

Mark said...

Ah, don't forget the bikini-clad girls on Bondi Rescue. Mmmm, that'll keep me watching.

Am I banned now? :P

Miss Eudoxia said...

No Andrew, you are not a freak. I love the change of seasons too, and have been heard to say that it gives me the horn :-)
The smell of rian on a hot day like this afternoon puts a smile on my dial. Good news about the belt notch!

duane said...

Glad to hear the diet is working for you... mine is going swell!

Also, I think that maybe I should incorporate skiing into my workout plan... did you notice how amazing each of those guy's bodies were?? YEAH!

The Other Andrew said...


Mark, not banned... just marginalised. How does it feel now, huh? Mr Straighty McStrait, huh? ;-P

Miss E, I understand the horn. Trust me, I get that. "I took a whole lecture series in horny."**

Duane, good for you! I expect pics of those abs when you're done. No need to tell James, it can be our little secret right? :-) Did I notice their bodies? Are you on drugs? It too ke 10 minutes to realise they had faces.

* If you haven't seen the 'Fat Fighters' sketches on the UK tv show "Little Britain", then trust me this is hysterical.

** Name that quote. Anyone?

Michael said...

I love Rich's recaps as much as the show itself. And the show is very good. Will you get it down there eventually?

Michael said...

Oh, and congrats on the weight loss. Sounds like a good program you're on. If I ever have to control my weight by not eating, I'll be in trouble. I seem to always need something in my mouth. I work out fairly obsessively so I can indulge. Even so, and despite all my blather about abs, I'm not feeling so svelte about now. ::drops and gives you twenty::

Miss Eudoxia said...

** Broken Hearts Club
I do beleive is the source of the quote.

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, I think the first season of Project Runway is showing on cable here at the moment. I don't have cable because a) it's generally pretty crappy here and b) despite that, I might never leave the house again with all that tv to watch. I don't know if any of the free to air channels will ever show it. I wish they would. Nick on the current season looks like such a cutie patootie.

Is it wrong that I find your need to always have something in your mouth so very, very appealing?

Miss E, well spotted! Yes, Howie says it to Benji when they are sitting on the grass in the outfield.