Monday, February 06, 2006

Backlit Hibiscus

Backlit Hibiscus
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

More botanical porn. I loved the light shining through this bright pink hibiscus that was growing righ beside the footpath in Newtown, turning it translucent.


Michael said...

Oooh, I love this one. Yeah, the light shining through and the leaf color is the perfect foil for the pink. Good one, A.

You're always sharing the summer glory, so I mailed a lil' shot of my back patio, en bloom, from last summer. Just cuz.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the compliments big guy. Much appreciated.

I will check my home email tonight and scope out this back patio!

Any chance of getting a picture of your back entrance? (C'mon, you know I HAD TO, right? It wouldn't be ME otherwise.)

Michael Guy said...

I snapped a pic of a hibiscus in KEY WEST. I haven't downloaded pics yet...but I thought of YOU when I snapped the shot:

"This is so gay. Andrew would approve."

'back patio?' I'm still landscaping the front hedge!?

The Other Andrew said...

It's all bush and hedge trimming here!

Michael G, I'm touched. Or at least would like to be. That you would think of me, when there's important things such as toe ring fittings to be had in Key West, well it makes me feel special.

I dub today I Love My Michaels Day, because seriously could you boys be any more special?

Bodhi said...

Oh, we Michael's lurve ya too, sweetness ;-)

And that would be a 'no'.

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, I got your patio pic. Nice! That looks like a lovely place you've got there.