Thursday, February 23, 2006

Birthday Boy

Now that my home phone and internet access are working again, I'm able to get some of my recent photos off my home pc. These pics are from my jaunt to the mountains for my friend Andrew's birthday party last weekend.

Andrew F: Princess
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Doesn't he look precious?

Birthday Boy
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Just in case you were thinking that he dressed like that all the time, here's a pic of the regular, more masculine, version. Cute, non? As I mentioned before, Andrew has his own online diary too.


Michael Guy said...

One does realize and appreciate the sheer torture one inflicts on the dieting readership by featuring photos of cake cutting?

He's cute, oui.

The Other Andrew said...

The cake was supposedly low fat. It tasted GOOD though, and had cream in the middle, so I suspect it was false advertising. :-) I had a teeny tiny slice, approximately 6 molecules thick.

Andrew is now reading this, so I don't want to wax too enthusiastic about how good looking he is. I did nearly faint/swoon though when after a champagne bottle fizzed everywhere, drenching him, he asked if anyone wanted to lick his chest. Oh, and did I mention he's a flirt?

duane said...