Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Valentine's Day Hit List

Valentine's Day is as good a day as any, in fact probably better than most, to resort to a little no-basis-in-reality fantasy, right? So, following the lead of two of my favourite peeps Sunshine and Yaniboy I decided to compile a special Valentine's Day Top 5 List.

The idea behind the Top 5 List principle is to name 5 people that you are allowed a Free Pass to sleep with (given the opportunity) that your partner is not allowed to feel jealous about. See how I mentioned the no-basis-in-reality bit?

Anyhoo, moving on. My list changes nearly daily, so here's this morning's version at least:

Top 5 Fantasy Shags

1. Jake Gyllenhall - Actor/Cowboy

2. Matthew Fox - Actor/Doctor/Castaway

3. Jeremy Sheffield - Actor/Ballet Dancer/Homosexualist

4. Jensen Ackles - Actor/Spook Hunter

5. Justin Theroux - Actor/Hair Product Aficionado

Anyone care to share your lists?


Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Definitely include Jake Gyllenhall and Matthew Fox. Justin Theroux is in a whole season (or more) of Six Feet Under and he gets his gear off a few times. Though alas with Brenda rather than David or Nate... I happen to have it on DVD, you know...

The Other Andrew said...

Justin Theroux first pinged the radar in "6 Feet Under" - maybe it was the kinky bondage sex scene... and he's adorable in "Broken Hearts Club". He's all beefed up as a bad guy in "Charles Angels: Full Throttle" (according to pics I've seen), even though I haven't seen the movie. He sort of has a lean, sexy alterna-boy hotness don't you think?

Bodhi said...

Mikey! The lovely ex, indeed.

So sorry that I missed the planned shopping expedition to Bondi Westfield Junction last Sunday. Will indeed have to try and organize something soon for another day.

So, Monkey is your Chinese Horoscope huh? Hmmmmmm. Why do I have a sudden urge to call you Monkey Boy? And that begs the question did our beloved TOA indeed spank the monkey at any stage?

Anyhoo, great to see ya here. Hope to see you commenting more frequently here at the blog.



The Father
Founder of the Unholy Trinity

PS. Sweetness, Andrew, loving the Valendude's Day hot-ness. LOVIN' IT!!

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Well, yes. But you know me, my tastes run to white athletic socks and freshman jock fantasies... Alterna-boy's don't really get a look in. He is very likeable though. I much preferred the Charlies Angels 2 version... sad really. Haha.

Bodhi said...

Brad Pitt
Justin Timberlake
David Beckham
Gael Garcia Bernal
Robbie Williams


Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Bodhi, no comment. Yes I will be posting more often. Been reading some "back issues". Most amusing.
My (present) Top 5:

Jake (just Jake)
Andrew Johns
Darren Lockyer
(those last two are Rugby League players boys...)
Ben Browder (sci fi actor from Farscape with a very impressive "bulge")
marky Mark (an old favourite)

The Other Andrew said...

"Ben Browder (sci fi actor from Farscape with a very impressive "bulge")

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you my ex boyfriend, The Size Queen.

Make of that what you will. :-)

Bodhi said...

Rabbit would be with you on the Mark Wahlberg choice, Mikey. He's got a bit of a thing for Marky Mark. If I told you the things I have done to that boy whilst we both watched The Big Hit together in bed well .... ummmmm ....

*smiles sweetly*

Marky still often makes the Top 10 for me. As much for this association, as his own hotness (and who can ever forget those Calvin visuals)

So TOA, does this indeed proove the theory once and for all that big things indeed come in small packages?

And make of that what you will ;-)

Miss Eudoxia said...

well the Lovely Intern and I are putting our 2 cents worth in.....
1 - Johnny Depp
2 - Uma Thurman
3 - Kathryn Zeta Jones in that dress that I will make one day (The Other Andrew I may need your help here)
NOT BRAD PITT!!!!!!! men in skirts are cute but what the hell was that in Troy????
4 - Daniel Craig
5 - Jake Gyllenhall

PS Mikey (the lovely ex) I desperately need to pick your brains on a legislation qu for my assignment...I'll mnake you some nice choc mousse :-)

Miss Eudoxia said...

Could we please add this on - BATMAN!!!! Christian Bale...

Bodhi said...

Miss E,

I am certainly do not want to start any precedent here, but for once I am going to ignore that comment on moi's future husband, my uber-hot Troy Boy in leather ...


*Shakes head*

.... Oh! ummm, but only because I may one day need that heavenly sounding chokky mousse of yours for creating my very own Twinkie Choc-Top

Cozalcoatl said...

Hmmm well i did Eye Candy Day, last week with my first loves, alas all dead. So i'll try and come up with hot now, as opposed to dead or kinda past it (Ian McKellan etc)

1- Nathan Fillion from Firefly
2- Johnny Depp, of course
3- Richard Dean Anderson, getting on but still got it
4- David Borenaz from Angel
5- Joaquin Phoenix, those eyes...

Miss Eudoxia said...

honey, you can have the recipe any day, and with a bit of warning I can even make you some and drop it off to The other Andrew for distribution as he sees fit :-)
Is best made on site, free lessons available.

Now, regarding your future matrimonial partner....we concede that he was, once, very cute (remember the peanut butter scene from "Meet Jo Black") but alas we feel he has gone to seed, and survives on his reputation.

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Coz, Nathan Fillion is definitely a spunk. Bodhi, well as for you and Rabbit and Marky Mark, that's a threesome that I'd like to turn into a foursome... Haha!
Miss Eudoxia, call me or e-mail me anytime. Be great to catch up. Andrew has my numbers etc.
As for the Size Queen allegations... guilty as charged.

James said...

Grant Denyer: There's something about the weatherman on Channel 7's Sunrise that makes me think he'd turn up with flowers and take you out for a romantic dinner before getting around to the business.

Pat Rafter: There's just something so incredibly nice about Pat Rafter, that you know you could take him to meet your family and your mum would have absolutely no problem with the two of you sleeping in the same bed.

Prince Harry: Although I'd imagine this perky little redhead royal might be inclined to knock you around a bit, since when was that a problem?

Ewan McGregor: Although there'd be no guarantee he'd actually had a bath that week, I think this gorgeous Scottish actor would be lots of fun, energetic, and probably quite suprising beneath the sheets. Extra points for being "Mr Big".

Robbie Williams: Robbie is a combination of all of the above, except for the bit about "Mr Big".

Have I thought about this just a little too much?

Sunshine said...

Very good list. :) They are hot ... perhaps a little on the butch side but they are hot nonetheless. :P

Michael said...

I feel like I’m WAY late to the party, but it’s only Valentine’s here today, so can I still jump in?

I’m highly suggestible (honest, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said things like ‘well, OK, if you say so’ or ‘as long as you’re sure it’ll come back out’) so I have to start with Andrew’s Justin Theroux. Damn, he’s all I require wrapped up into one tight lil’ package. Even now I’m queuing the SFU scene of him running, willy to the wind, across the courtyard to Brenda’s. Could his ass be more tight? No, sir.

Next, Robbie Williams. He’s been crooning De-lovely in my buds all week. He can sing, he can act and you just know he’s a wild fuck. That’s a heady mix, guys.

Tom Judson/Gus Mattox–Same guy so he only counts as one, but he sings, he acts, he composes, and he does porn. ‘Nuf said.

Taye Diggs- OK, can you give me a moment here? Mmm. OK, he sings, he acts, he dances, and he does porn. Well, that last bit is only in my head, but have you SEEN him? Mein Gott in Himmel.

Anderson Cooper/Chris Meloni– OK, not the same guy, but I’d tagteam them because sometimes I wanna dominate (A.C. would so be my bitch, right?) and sometimes I don’t.

There, that’s it. Well, except for Nate Berkus. I know that’s more than five, but c’mon, he’s so adorable he needs to be on every list.

Michael said...

Also, so nice to meet you Mikey (the lovely ex). I feel like I already know you, having heard so many nice things about you and having vividly imagined you doing so many nice things.

Michael Guy said...

MISS E: RE: Brad Pitt/TROY: I agree; that was not a leather skirt as much as it was a take on what two placemats would look like sewn together had Messopotamia had a PIER ONE store.

(1) Seann William Scott [actor/ROAD TRIP]
(2) Peter Krause [Nate/Six Feet Under]
(3) Andy Roddick [pro tennis star]
(4) Prince Harry [it's that HRH thang]
(5) A mirror [any port in a storm]

Bodhi said...

MISS E: RE: Brad Pitt/TROY: I agree; that was not a leather skirt as much as it was a take on what two placemats would look like sewn together had Messopotamia had a PIER ONE store.

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn what His Brad-leyness is wearing. He could stand there with a doily on his head, a pink tutu, legwarmers and one blue football sock for all I care.

You know all this negative talk of my future husband is likely to get me all upset people.

And if I am upset, then I am likely to want to be consoled. And if I am to be consoled, then its best done by some cute guy. And if its some cute guy, then I am probably gunna want more than just a hug, right? And if I want more than just a hug, its best if he stays the night. And if he stays the night, then its likely I am going to have yet another night of cheap and meaningless sex. And if I am going to have another night of .... ummmmm ...

never mind.

The Other Andrew said...

All right! Now we're really getting some interesting lists here. I considered Nate Berkus for mine, but it was "Fantasy Shags" after all and what Nate and I would have would be special, meaningful, important, beautifull. Not just some shag, nosssssir.

Sunshine, I likes me some butch. I think there is a certain sensitivity about all these guys though, cuts through the butch. Remember, one of them is a ballet dancer.

If I had a longer list Mr Meloni would definately be on it.

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

TOA (feels weird calling you that, but I'll get used to it) you'd better put up another update, this comment section is getting long. How could I forget Chris Meloni!!! In the latest Oz I have on DVD, there's a scene in the last episode where he is "tackle out" while "talking" to Sister Peter-Marie. I think that image may find it's way onto my cellphone as wallpaper.
And hi Michael. I shall endeavour to live up to the hype. At least I hope there was hype!

The Other Andrew said...

Mikey, of course there was hype. You know I'm one of your top cheerleaders, right? If calling me "the Other" Andrew feels weird, you always call me "The Only" Andrew. Feel more comfortable with that? :-)

There were tackle shots of Meloni aplenty in OZ, I remember being really shocked by the one where he is standing there pissing. Like, for real. Talk about pushing the envelope!

Yup, he's hawwwt!

Michael said...

If I haven't mentioned it, I love your coinage of 'homosexualist'. Was it you? It suggests an avocation above and beyond the queer, doesn't it? I want it on my card.

And yes, lovely Mike, there was praise heaped and it wasn't faint.

Now I'm wondering. Is the Andrew who prompted you to be "The Other Andrew" even still around? I think he pre-dated me. (dirty!)

The Other Andrew said...

The Other Andrew moniker comes from when I started posting comments on Max's blog "Lots of Co". There was an English guy called Andrew posting as well, and it got confusing. I started using The Other Andrew as a joke, and also as a bit of a comment on how common my name is. Andrew is my real name, and btw my middle name is Michael. I was Mikey's first "Andrew" I believe.

I love playing with language, and "homosexualist" popped into my head one day. I thought it made for a great job title. :-) It implies someone who is good at it, don't you think? Expert.