Saturday, February 11, 2006

2006: Year Of The Dog

When I went for a lunchtime stroll the other day, I took a bunch of photos of the Year Of The Dog themed decorations around the city, and especially at World Square near Chinatown. All the pics I took are in this collection on Flickr, and I've posted a couple of them below. Colourful, don't you think?

2006: Year Of The Dog
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Streetside banners celebrating the Chinese horoscope Year Of The Dog, George St, Sydney.

Lantern Eyes
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Close up of the lantern eyes of the huge dog sculpture at the George St entrance to World Square.

Paw Prints
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Huge floral paw prints that wend through the arcades and across the square at World Square.

Here is a collection of all the other photos on Flickr 'tagged' Year Of The Dog.


Michael Guy said...

Well, so much for last year--the "Year of the Cock"..rooster..whatever.

The 'Year of the Dog' does lower the bar a wee bit..hmmm?!

Per usual: nice snaps, Andrew!

luscious loulou said...

Lovely shots, petal. You've got get tight in and just roll in those saturated colours, don't you? So very festive. I love it.

But does this mean you and bodhi weren't at the Stonewall last night or whenever your Friday night was, to judge the DNA hotties?

I just got my newsletter and I wouldn'a missed it had I been Sydneysidering. Yum.

Michael said...

I love those floral paw prints. Peonies and pussy willows, in my head at least.

So when is it the Year of the Snake again?

Bodhi said...

But does this mean you and bodhi weren't at the Stonewall last night or whenever your Friday night was, to judge the DNA hotties?.

Oh .. my .. Brad!

You all know how I feel about DNA right? I mean when moi reads ones monthy fix its almost a spiritual experience. I can't believe there was a DNA judging and no one told me about it. They at least had to mention it in the magazine though, right?

Hmmmmm. Maybe I was a little somewhat distracted by all the, ummmm, pretty pictures ...

But, let me see, what was I doing otherwise on Friday night. Hmmmmm. Well maybe not a case of what, but who ;-) Such a cute little twinkie he is too. No, no, not Tim (my 20 year old 2nd year law student for those of who have been paying attention), but rather another one who I hook up with from time to time. It's my Christian duty ya know (his name is Christian). But he's older and soooo much more mature than Tim.

He's like 25 and stuff.

The rest of my weekend was pretty quite. I spent a lot of it watching the last of Season 1 of Queer as Folk that finally arrived early last week. 17.5 hrs viewing of Mikey, Justin, Brian and Emmett in less than a week. And even a busy week at that when I was out most nights. *Sigh*

PS. Mikey, vous is a snake too? Oooh baby, slither on over and hiss sweet nothings into my ... ummmm ... whatever weird 'ear' sense things snakes have.

And by the way, did I ever mention that Rabbit in Chinese Astrology is indeed a Rabbit? No way? Dude, way! He was born in 1975.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the snaps on the photos y'all. You know me, colour and movement gets me every time. Oooooh, shiny!...

Anyhoo. I will be beside myself with joy when the Year Of The Cock draws around again.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

look at all the pretties!

I need to get into town more often...

The Other Andrew said...

Maybe it's because I'm taking lots more photos these days, so I'm looking with fresh eyes, but I'm loving the city at the moment. Lots of flower planters in bloom, colourfull banners, public art (temporary and permanent) - it's a visual FEAST I tell you!