Monday, February 13, 2006

Can I Have Another Weekend? Please?

I'm labouring under a crushing dose of Mondayitis this morning. I slept incredibly badly last night, finding it hard to get to sleep, then taking a sleeping pill as a last resort and waking up muzzy headed. You know when you order a decaf coffee late in the day, when you don't normally drink coffee in the afternoon, and when the waiter brings you the coffee and you double check that it really is decaf? Well, sometimes they lie.

At least I can look back over the weekend and say I had a great time. Friday night I went to dinner at my friends Meaghan and James's house. James had invited a fascinating friend of his from work, a woman who had just packed in her highly paid advertising career to go and study Buddhist thangka painting. We got on really well, and had lots to talk about. She also introduced me to a quite tasty no-alcohol beer. Score! My friend Corinne was also there with her handsome new boyfriend. She is half way through the 3 year costume course at NIDA and her boyfriend is studying sound design. Aside from talking about theatre in general, and bitching about designers that cannot consider logistics to save their lives, one of the things we were discussing is how surreal it is that her little brother's band is starting to become internationally famous. They are being really heavily promoted here and have just headed off to L.A. to take a stab at the big time.

On Saturday afternoon I went to the regular meet-up for the Sydney Photoblogger group, which this month was at Darling Harbour for the Chinese Lantern Festival. I took lots of pics, until my battery ran low, and as I detailed in my previous post I had a really good time. Dinner was a highlight, such a nice group of people to chat and laugh with, and it was quite funny to watch the food arrive and everybody scrabble to take photos of it before it was eaten. I think the staff thought we were a bit nuts.

On Sunday I met up with Mikey and another friend Steve and we trolled around Westfield Bondi Junction for a few hours. The scene of my afternoon caffeine disaster. Afterwards I met up with Brendan and the A List Gays at The Newtown for a few drinks, then headed home for the usual Sunday night domestic duties and Carnivale watching. (The season finale, and it rocked!)

So, a really fun weekend but a tired Monday. Can I have another weekend, like, right now?

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