Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I've got ichy feet today. A feeling like there's something else I should be doing, something fun, something out there. Anywhere. Certainly not at my desk, and especially not processing these invoices and cheques.

I want to walk in the park, go to the Art Gallery, look up at the spreading limbs of the huge Morton Bay Fig trees and watch the birds. Maybe go down to the water, down to the Quay to watch the buskers, or maybe to lean out over the water and see how many jellyfish I can count.

What would you rather be doing right now?


Michael Guy said...

What would I rather be doing?! I'd prefer a full-body massage by Giancarlo, my house boy--at my hillside Almalfi coast getaway home.

Early afternoon, Pietro--the major domo, will arrange for a light lunch beneath the olive trees. Later, much--my new 6' foot lover, Antonio, will whisk us dangerously along the cliffside to the HERMES boutique for flip flops and web weave belts. I will wear D & G jeans.

How's that for a fantasy get-away? That or perhaps nameless wild sex with the pool boy at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast of Australia.

The Other Andrew said...

All of the above, screw the walk in the park.

Bodhi said...

A nice leisurely shared spa with His Brad-leyness at The Australian Suite in the Intercontinental Hotel Sydney, to be followed by a spending spree at Armani in Martin Place, and then a short stroll to pick out some divine matching wedding rings at Cartier over in Castlereagh St.

Studs'n'suds, couture and bling


Michael said...

My someone and I, snuggled up lying on some Mediterranean beach or maybe just in my backyard, looking up at a clear night sky where the stars are so thick it scares you a little.

The Other Andrew said...

Heh, all three of you guys (Michaels all) are quite the bunch of romantics. Oh, and with just the right amount of horny added.