Monday, February 06, 2006

A Weekend of Fabulousness

It's Monday morning in my neck of the woods, so it's time to cast a critical eye over the weekend. This week it was a busy weekend that tipped the scales on the side of fabulousness. What a great weekend I had!

Friday night I kicked off the weekend with a frenzied bout of bathroom cleaning and then some "alone time" on The Interwebsuperhighway with the new Kate Bush cd "Aerial" playing in my headphones. What, not your idea of a good Friday night? Well, it was the end of a long and tiring work week for me, and a night that combined the satisfaction of the righteous (bathroom cleaning) and the satisfaction of new Kate Bush songs to listen to and "me time" with The Interweb, well that was just what I needed.

Last week I took a long hard look at myself and decided The Chunk was getting out of control, so on Saturday morning I went and rejoined Fat Fighters, which was a painless and somewhat encouraging experience. (Don't worry, this isn't about to become My Weight-Loss Diary.) Afterwards I went to a meeting to help start organising the April relocation to new larger premisis of the Buddhist centre I attend.

In the afternoon I went to a lovely Engagement Party for two friends, Miss Krin and my old flatmate David (aka Fitz). An overcast afternoon turned into a mild night, and it was lovely to be out in the garden chatting with people I hadn't seen for a while, with good friends and with an ever increasing number of kids underfoot. Along the way I discovered that yet another friend has just started up a blog that I wasn't aware of. The afternoon turned into late evening and I headed home sometime after midnight.

Sunday morning I went over to my friends Spyder & Gordy's house for breakfast, to further catch up with friends that were in town from Melbourne and Canberra for the engagement party. A lazy morning of sitting outside, eating non-Fat Fighters approved beakfast goodies, patting the naughty Whippets and laughing up a storm with my favourite group of smartarses was a great start to the day. Afterwards I headed into the Buddhist centre to teach someone how to use the database, step one towards handing off the responsibility for doing the data entry, w00t! In the afternoon I took a few pics as I walked through the backstreets of Newtown on my way to King St, and then after passing The Dendy cinema in Newtown I decided to see the movie Mrs Henderson Presents, which was lots of fun. The film let out around 5pm, and I had floated the idea of afternoon drinkies at The Newtown Hotel with my old friend Brendan, so I swung by there to see if he was there and he was! I hung out for a couple of hours with him and the A List Gays on what turned out to be a busy late afternoon at The Newtown, and met a couple of nice new guys. One of whom I took quite a shine to, and if the warmth of his goodbye was anything to go by (a smooch that combined arm stroking and a big hug) then that shine might be reciprocated. :-)

Sunday night was the somewhat usual laundry, making dinner, watching Carnivale on tv etc, the end of a busy and fun weekend.

How was yours?


Michael said...

That sounds like a great weekend. You have a lot of friends. And arm stroking? Yay!
Mine was decidedly more solitary, but there were John Waters inspired showtunes, so there's that.

The Other Andrew said...

Were these tunes by Hefty Hideaway wearing, hairspray lacquered, big boned gals? LOVE Hairpsray.

Yeah I do have a lot of friends. I'm a very social creature, and it was nice to meet some new 'mos too. What I didn't mention is that there was a guy in the group who I had a particularly disasterous threesome with around 18 months ago, and we spent the afternoon carefully avoiding each other. *snap*...and you're effectively invisible! :-)

Bodhi said...

Well, my weekend was quite shagtastic.

Started off on Friday evening when I met a cutie in a city cafe. Blond haired, blue eyed, 20 year 2nd year law student by the name of Tim. Long story short he ended up coming back to mine and staying the night. Its worth mentioning that we shagged for 3 hours straight *sigh*. Definately plan to see him again.

Slept in Saturday morning, as it turns out that a very late night and sexual marathons with a guy half your age can somewhat take it out of you (could he ever). Went into the city and had lunch at my favourite thai, Chat Thai, in the Galleries Victoria. Then went shopping, and ended up buying 6 new DVD's from JB-HiFi. No, that is not excessive. They were all on sale, m'kay?

Came home to relax for a while and watch some of my new DVD's, before heading over to Glebe for an AA meeting Saturday night and catching up with some recovery friends. Then hot menage a trois action in Newtown Backrooms on the way home.

Sunday was a nice lazy day. Aside from cruisin' Newtown for a while, including reading paper at Gloria's (thats Gloria Jeans for you straight boring types) with a Tim Tam Hot Chocolate (yum!) and then the Internet Cafe. Spent the rest of the day at home watching a number of previously mentioned new DVD's. Nothing like snuggling up in your own bed and having a date with Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. *Sigh* .Watched some TV on Sunday night with said housemate.

And such was moi's weekend.

Miss Eudoxia said...

Yes, it was truly a good weekend. Caught up with The other Andrew at the engagement party (as well a hoards of others I have not seen for simply far too long, that's what you get for putting yourself into self imposed exile for a while, but I digress)who paid me the ultimate compliment by saying he liked my shoes :-)Discovered heaps of friends are blogging now so can keep in touch....have to love the modern world. even better, the wonderous Other Andrew put me onto the Flickr site, so finally I can share some of my Egypt/Middle east pics from last year. Thank again hon :-)
Back to studying madly, and after reading your Blog I will get off my arse and update mine.
Thanks again mate.

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! It was lovely to see you too Miss E, and those shoes rocked! We do have quite the little blogger sub-group going now. It is a nice way to keep in touch with people, see what's going on in their lives.

Glad you liked Flickr, I'll look forward to seeing your pics!