Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Alone Time

All this talk of Valentine's Day and Fantasy Shags has me thinking about where I am at about relationships right now. I've posted a bit recently about wanting to date, about having interest from a couple of guys, and about feeling a bit more confident about things. About feeling more attractive.

It's interesting, because I'm feeling really relaxed about meeting someone. This is usually the time when it happens, right? When you give up the wanting, the needing, and think "eh, if it happens it would be nice". I'm not sure how or when the switch in my head was flicked, but I've definately had a change of attitude. I'm not sure where this sudden burst of confidence has come from, but I'm just going to run with it.

Originally uploaded by Other Andrew. Darling Harbour, Feb 11th 2006.

One thing that crosses my mind is that I've been depressed. Big "D" Depressed. It certainly would explain the sleeplessness and lethargy to a degree. If that's what it was, and I'm self-diagnosing here so I could be off the mark, it feels like past-tense. I mention that as an aside, because the important thing here is that I'm feeling good. Happy. More confident.

I'm sometimes too passive about meeting guys. Too hesitant to put my self-image on the line and ask someone out, too ready to sit back and wish for someone to make the first move. Too fearfull of rejection. I don't feel like that at the moment, I feel like throwing caution to the wind, and to not take it all too seriously, and just go out on a date. Dinner. Movies.

If anything comes of this, I'll keep you posted.


Michael said...

You have reason to be confident, brother. You're a gem. If I were there I'd polish you until you glistened. Every day.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm glistening just thinking about it. :-)

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

At the rsk of excessive ego inflation, I agree with Michael. Having been OS for 3 years recently, coupled of course with my astounding perception and sensitivity... ahem, I can see enormous change in you. Over (at least) the last 12 months, you are so much more centred and relaxed now, which is great. I know that when I ring you up or we hang out, it will be a relaxing and fun time. Steve was only saying on Sunday how much he admired the quality of the relationship you and I now enjoy. I predict less than 6 months before you are being relaxing and fun with someone new. Take you to dinner if I'm wrong.

Miss Eudoxia said...

Good things come to those who wait :-)You seemed to me the other weekend to be in a good mind zone.

If you need any info re dealing with the big "D" (tho you seem to be on a good path now) give me a yell...remember I come from a proffession where D and burn out are second nature..always happy to share hard learnt advice.

Michael said...

I think you should take him to dinner either way, Mikey. And Andrew, be a lamb and take photos. Maybe even invite that Rabbit fellow.

Bodhi said...

Don't make me hurt you bitch!

You can all keep your filthy paws of my hot little Bunny. Mikey (no, not you monkey boy), you are just gunna have to book that trip to Sydney if you ever wanna feast your eyes on the hotness that is Da Bunny.

The Other Andrew said...

"And Andrew, be a lamb and take photos. Maybe even invite that Rabbit fellow." Are you kidding? Bodhi would cut us. Plus Rabbit is camera shy.

Thanks for the kind comments y'all. Mikey, you're the sweetness and allways will be. MWAH! Miss E., hopefully a Big D or small d won't rear its ugly head again (if that's what it was) but I'll keep the offer in mind. Ta.

The Other Andrew said...

Bodes and I cross-posted those last two comments.

"You can all keep your filthy paws of my hot little Bunny."

See, told you so.

Michael said...

OK, OK. ::backs away slowly with hands over genitals::

No Bunny. Just hot you and the hot J.D. then.

And since he's a frustrated architect, tell him I'm checking out the Westcott House this weekend. FLW anyone?
That was my lame attempt at flirting.

duane said...

Hooray for your confidence boost!!! You should be anyway... you're pretty awesome, you know?!

The Other Andrew said...

Cheers Duane! You're on my list of Top 5 Platonic Internet Boyfriends, you know that?