Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Almost... Got... It...

Where's My Coin?
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Dude, if you need change for the bus that bad just ask m'kay?

(Actually, this guy is a maintenance worker, but never let facts interfere with a blog entry.)

The worst thing is that this is a talking fountain which is triggered by anyone approaching it closely or throwing coins into it. The voice of the dog was recorded by one of Australia's most annoying right-wing radio announcers. I'm guessing that this guy was just about ready to kill himself by the time the problem was fixed.


Bodhi said...

Oh sweetie darling sweetie, that's not it at all.

It's obvious to moi, after taking one look at those hideous orange long shorts, those skinny little legs, white socks pulled right-up, not to mention a job so deameaning that, say, smug passing bloggers take photo's for personal amusement, that this poor unfortunate is trying to end it all by drowning himself.

It's just so sad. A Tragedy.

(I mean, really, no one should have to wear socks like that. And orange? Ewwwww!!)

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

I thought it was a clown hard on his luck. Cirque de Soleil obviously not having the pulling power it used to. Though, I could watch those two strong men who do the double act forever...
TOA, referring to another post, the dress up one, (is it permitted to "cross post"???? blog etiquette anyone?) Anyway, on the dress up post, Steve and Linda are going to see Madame Butterfly (obstructed seats... eurgh!) As it has my favourite aria in it, I thought it would be fun to go and see as well. Keen?

The Other Andrew said...

More than keen! I heart Madame Butterfly.


Jon, a guy I dated about 10 years ago, once bought me 5th row centre seats to Madame Butterfly as a surprise birthday gift. Boy, did he ever get luck that night.

Michael said...

OK, the thought of you two boys all dolled up enjoying your favorite aria just made me swoon.

The Other Andrew said...

My actual faves are prolly "The Flower Duet" from Lakme (bit of a cliche, but I'm a populist), almost everything from "Julius Caesar" (I heart counter tenors), ummm what else?... errr....

I can tell you what I HATE. Benjamin Britten-style modern plink-plonkery. Urgh. I left at interval when I saw his "Midsummer Night's Dream". Hideous, although the production design was fab. Set in the British Raj era, and the fairies were done as Indian deities. Very cool.

I'll try and get some post-worthy pics of the evening!

Michael Guy said...

Apparently the lunch time sushi wasn't that fresh?

Or j'adore tangerine Dior...anything!

RE: Madama Butterfly! So. There.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ahhh! TOA, I went that version of Midsummer too. the sets and costumes were enough to make me stay. I managed to cope with the Britten PlinkyPlonky (TM). it was horrid though... but wasn't it the prettiest opera you've seen? enchanting. if I remember rightly it was a Luhrmann/Martin design effort, and I loved it.

OnT: John Laws as the voice of a dog is somehow appropriate. if only that's where it began and ended, the world would be a better place... much as it's the most annoying thing I think I've ever come across (the concept and indeed execution of a talking dog statue), it cracks me up every time he says "woof, woof".

man, he sure knows how to emote. go John. fetch!

The Other Andrew said...

Yeah, the talking dog is beyond lame. I almost feel like lingering around there just to slap the hands away of any tourists foolish enough to chuck a coin in. Nooooooo!

Yeah, that was the production. Loved the Indian deities, pith helmet chic and flooded stage with barges... but it made my ears bleed.