Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Have A Request

Please consider never, never, not ever, using the expression "Peace out!" again. Especially when combined with attendant 'peace' finger signs.

America especially, take note.

Thank you.


freakgirl said...

Not even ironically? ;)

Bodhi said...

Dude, like I was tellin' you the other day - I will refrain from using this phrase around you, but I absolutely have, you understand have, the need to say it from time to time with Da Rabbit.

Have you not seen Eight Mile? Eminem's characters name in that movie is Rabbit. 'Peace out, Rabbit' is therefore a direct quote from the movie. When The Kid and I say that to our Rabbit he evens does the peace sign above his head as he walks away so it looks like little Rabbit ears, just like the movie.

So adorably cute.

So you are just going to have to settle for that exception. Its the best I can do. M'kay?


[If you now tell me that I can't say Dude or Word either, I may have to scream]

Michael Guy said...

Let the record state, ladies and gentlemen, that I've never, ever used the term "peace out".

As it is said; so it is written.

:: bonk ::

Michael said...

As long as we're banning shit, can we add "big time" to the list?

The Other Andrew said...

This was initially prompted by clips they showed on the Aussie "Biggest Loser" tv show. The three US finalists from last year taped little pep talks for the Aussie contestants, and they all ended with variations of "Peace out, duuuuuude!"

I wanted to kill myself. Big time.


Michael Guy said...

"w00t" kinda' sorta makes me see red, too.

Maybe because I'm old and shit. That could be it.

(PS - the 'and shit' is office-related buzz slang here; we're mirroring the blue lip-liner latina girl who works at the local deli. EVERY sentence MUST end in the phrase 'and shit.' Go ahead and try it. It's so liberating and shit.

Bodhi said...

I need to go to the toilet. I need to take a piss and shit.

Wow ... thats amazing.

Michael Guy said...

Totally off the subject and I guess because you're half a world away..but I'm still working at the office. Pissed. Tired. Cranky.

I just fired off a resume for a position that pays 1/3rd of what I currently earn. Is this a mid-life career crisis or am I just tired of my safety net..i.e...27-year career and shit.

The BF seems supportive in spirit. But how do I walk away from Saks Fifth Avenue?

The Other Andrew said...

"The BF seems supportive in spirit. But how do I walk away from Saks Fifth Avenue?"

I suspect one catches a cab, and shit.

I suspect this new job is something you really want to do? Then, it is certainly worth considering.

kris said...

I have no idea where that came from. I noticed it too when watching the episode. Maybe it's because the winners spent too much time around media types in L.A. or something. I can assure you that in 22 years in the United States, I have never heard anyone end a conversation with "Peace out" un-ironically.

And as soon as I saw your post, I knew immediately where it came from... :)

duane said...


You called us out big time!

The Other Andrew said...

Kris I think we have similar tv habits!

I was hoping there was irony involved! :-) Because otherwise, ewwww.