Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The delicious Nash tagged me a few days back for an '8 Random Things or Habits' style meme (his version is here). I hate to disappoint and I love to do as I'm told, so here's my stab at it.

Before I begin I need to give a disclaimer. I've already done the 100 Things thing, heaps of other memes and am fairly open with y'all about myself, so if I repeat things I've already told you then just smile fondly at me like I'm your great aunt who tells you the same story over and over again. Then calls you by the wrong name. And sits clutching her purse on her lap the whole time.

1. I sometimes wake myself up with my own snoring. I don't snore very often, mostly just when I have a bad sinus situation going down. I am however the world's lightest sleeper, which is not a great combination with the doing of the snoring.

2. I like vintage porn. I understand that liking porn is not everybody's cup of tea, and is very much a guy thing, but really who doesn't enjoy a bit of voyeurism every now and then? I'm not sure why vintage porn in particular appeals. Maybe it's the fact that the guys are more natural looking, which is a bigger turn on for me than the waxed and buffed gym bunnies of modern porn. Even the guys in the 50's beefcake and muscle mags seem more natural looking somehow. Maybe it's nostalgia. Maybe it reminds me of the illicit mags I bought and hid on top of my wardrobe as a teenager. (What it isn't is the lack of condoms. I'm a pro safe sex slut.)

3. Given deeper pockets, I would be an insufferable wine snob. I did a fantastic wine appreciation course a number of years back, and when Mikey (the lovely ex) and I were together Mikey would often buy very good (and very expensive) wine. In fact, he still does. (Bless him!) Combine these too things together, the knowledge and the exposure, and I have a pretty good palette these days. Champagne taste, on a beer budget however.

4. I love kitsch. Bad taste. Cheese. Trash with flash, and sleaze with ease. I love it all.

5. I suspect that somewhere in me, perhaps buried quite deep, is The Great Australian Novel. Or at least The Reasonably Good One. I just need to get it out, somehow.

6. I tend to eat the things on my plate one by one. It's not a hard and fast rule, but generally speaking I will eat all of one thing on my plate at a time, say all the peas for instance before moving on to all the carrots. I'm not all OCD about it, but I've done it since I was a kid.

7. I'm a folder. Do I really need to explain this?

8. I always read a book before falling asleep. Even if I'm really tired, I always try to have a short read before falling asleep. It may be for only 5 minutes, but it's like a relaxation ritual that I find difficult to skip.

(Nash, I know I'm supposed to tag 8 people but I always skip that part of memes! Anyone who wants to play along please do, just let me know in the comments if you post an entry on your blog.)


Ur-spo said...

it is my understanding there are sensational Aussie wines for bargain prices!

The Other Andrew said...

You betcha. Many of which are made near my old home town of Adelaide, South Australia.

Sunshine said...

Have you ever blogged about Mikey? Or did that pre-date your blogging career?

The Other Andrew said...

No, I've mentioned Mikey lots of times. I haven't given all the sordid/fabulous details of our time together as boyfriends though, because a) he's a reader and b) his dignity must be maintained. :)

The Other Andrew said...

Oh, and yes it pre-dates this blog. We were together in late 1999 to 2001.

nash said...

Oh you kept your promise! Thank you

You'd never get any sleep if we shared a bed... I'm a snorer, but we could watch some vintage porn together (I especially love old black n white beefcake pics)

I'm on a similar budget. Maybe if we combined we could drink lots of wine and look through my collection of trash

Do as you're told and start on that novel

I used to eat like that too, but I've kinda grown out of it. I have another friend who still eats that way. It's very endearing

Foolscap or A4? Oh, that sort of folder

I wonder how you remember what you've read if you're really tired?

You called me delicious - you don't have to tag anyone or ever do a meme again!

How would you eat me?

The Other Andrew said...

Nash, I try and always keep my promises.

How would I eat you? Well, one thing at a time, obviously. :)

I see a drunken mini John Waters/Kenneth Anger/Ed Wood film festival some time in our future! (With maybe a few vintage AMG/Falcon loops thrown in.)